Imran Khan ( Urdu: عمران خان ‎), born 28 May 1984 is a Dutch-Pakistani, urban Punjabi singer, songwriter and composer. He became known in 2007 after his first single "Ni Nachleh" produced by Eren E. [2] Khan was signed to Prestige Records in late 2007, and released the single "Ni Nachleh" on the label. [2] His second single, "Amplifier" produced by Eren E was released on 13 July 2009, and later several others. His debut 15-track album Unforgettable released on 27 July 2009 via Prestige Records. [11] was produced by Eren E and Hakan Ozan.

Personal life

Khan has two brothers and a sister. [29]


Khan started his career in his late teens. [6] After Prestige Records released Khan's debut single Ni Nachleh , [2] [7] Khan continued his career by performing in several countries. [8]

Khan’s first released single, Amplifier , was produced by Eren E and was released on 12 July 2009 and received 2 million views on YouTube on it first week of release and currently has 98 million and counting views on YouTube. [9] His second single, "Bewafa," was produced by Hakan Ozan and was released on 30 November 2009; as of November 2015, the music video of Bewafa had been viewed approximately 30 million+ times on YouTube. [10]

In July 2009, Khan released his debut album, Unforgettable . It includes the singles "Amplifier", Bewafa and a remix of his first single, Ni Nachleh . [11] It was nominated for Best Album in the 2010 UK Asian Music Awards but did not win. [7] In 2011, Khan departed from Prestige Records to start his own label, later known as IK Records. [7]

Khan released the single Satisfya on 9 May 2013. [8] [36] Unlike his previous singles, it was released by IK Records. The single was produced by his "Amplifier" music producer Eren E. The music video shows Khan driving a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and sitting with a cheetah. Khan's "Satisfya" video was directed by David Zennie and has 58 million+ views on YouTube.

Khan made his Bollywood debut as a singer for the Hindi film Tevar , which was released on 9 January 2015. As of 2016 the song has over more than 2 million hits. [15] Khan released a single titled Imaginary on 8 June 2015, produced by Eren E. The single was released on his own record label, IK Records. Khan shot the video with David Zennie in downtown Los Angeles. Imaginary' s official music video received 6 million views within a month of its release and currently 31 million+ views on YouTube. Khan went on and yet came out with another song called "Hattrick" which has 2 million views in a month and currently 11 million+ views. [37] In 2017, Khan released a music video called "Morocco" by, Twin N Twice who signed up with Khan's label record, IK RECORDS. [38]



Unforgettable (2009)

Unforgettable is Khan's debut album, released on 27 July 2009 via Prestige Records. [11] It was produced by Eren E and Hakan Ozan. The album contains 15 tracks.

The album was nominated for the "Best Album" award at the UK Asian Music Awards 2010 [17] and won "Best Album" at the 2010 Brit Asia TV Music Awards. [18]

Track listing
Track listing
No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Amplifier" Eren E 3:53
2. "Aaja We Mahiya (Come, My Love)" Eren E 3:52
3. "Hey Girl" Eren E 3:18
4. "Peli Waar (The First Time)" Eren E 3:10
5. "Chak Glass (Grab a Glass)" Eren E 3:08
6. "Nazar (Glance)" Eren E 3:05
7. "Superstar" Eren E 3:25
8. "Gora Gora Rang (Fair Skinned)" (featuring Mr. Probz) Eren E 4:25
9. "Bounce Billo" Eren E 4:07
10. "Ni Nachleh (Hey, Dance)" (feat. MC Spyder) Eren E 3:35
11. "40 Pra (Forty Brothers)" Eren E 3:12
12. "Pata Chalgea (I Have Found Out)" Eren E 4:45
13. "Bewafa (Unfaithful)" Hakan Ozan 3:44
14. "Nai Reina (Don't Want to Stay)" Hakan Ozan 3:04
15. "Qott Ghusian Da (A Sip of Happiness)" (feat. Shabby) Hakan Ozan 2:58
Total length: 47:28


Year Song Label Music Note(s) Reference(s)
2009 "Amplifier" Prestige Records Eren E From the album Unforgettable
"Bewafa" Hakan Ozan
2013 "Satisfya" IK Records Eren E [39]
2014 "Let's Celebrate" (featuring Sonakshi Sinha) Eros International Imran Khan From the soundtrack Tevar [40]
2015 "Imaginary" IK Records Eren E [41]
2016 "Hattrick" (featuring Yaygo Musalini) Donray [42]
2017 "Zina" ( Twin n Twice featuring Imran Khan) Imran Khan [43]
2017 "President Roley" IK Records DonRay


  • 2007 Ni Nachleh (feat. MC Spyder) [Eren E. Electro Remix]
  • 2007 Ni Nachleh (feat. MC Spyder) [Eren E. Electro Extended Mix]
  • 2007 Ni Nachleh (Eren E. Disco Remix)
  • 2007 Ni Nachleh (Eren E. Disco Dub Mix)
  • Aaja We Mahiya (Infidel Mix)
  • Gora Gora Rang (Remix)

Awards and nominations

  • Won "Best Album" at the 2010 Brit Asia TV Music Awards for Unforgettable . [18]
  • Nominated for four awards at the 2010 UK Asian Music Awards: "Best Album", "Best Video" for "Amplifier", "Best Male Act" and "Best Desi Act", [17] winning "Best Desi Act". [19]
  • Won "Male Musical Artist of the Year" at the 2010 Anokhi Magazine Awards. [20]
  • Won "Young Person of the Year at Successful " at the 2013 at Pakistan Achievement Awards. [21]
  • Won three awards in 2015 from Pakistani Music and Media Awards (PMMA) for best songwriter, best video (for "Imaginary") and best song (for "Imaginary").
  • Imran Khan won 3 out of 3 awards this year at the BritAsia World Music Awards (BWMA) held in the United Kingdom.


  • Imran Khan – Takeover Tour USA (2011) [22]
  • Imran Khan – Australia & New Zealand Tour (2011) [24]

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