The Hyde Park Herald is a weekly newspaper that serves the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Early history

The newspaper was founded in 1882, and claims on its masthead to be "Chicago's Oldest Community Newspaper." For the Herald's first seven years, it was a suburban newspaper covering affairs in an independent unit of local government; after Hyde Park was annexed by Chicago in 1889, the Herald evolved into its current status as an urban neighborhood newspaper.

Coverage and publications

The Herald's four regular reporters cover local politics, education, real estate and crime issues.

Herald Newspapers, Inc., the corporate owner of the Herald, also publishes the Lakefront Outlook, which covers the neighborhoods north of Hyde Park up to 22nd Street.

Key people

The longtime owner and publisher of the Hyde Park Herald remains Bruce Sagan. He is father of Paul Sagan, the former CEO of Akamai Technologies.

While working toward his master's degree in 1947–51, future Washington Post columnist David Broder wrote for the Herald. Lee Botts, a prominent Great Lakes environmentalist and a senior official in the administration of President Jimmy Carter, was editor of the Herald in the early 1960s. Democratic political consultant David Axelrod wrote for the paper while a student at the University of Chicago in the 1970s. Beauty Turner, a housing activist, was one of the paper's columnists.