The Home News Tribune is a newspaper serving the Middlesex County, New Jersey. The paper has an average daily weekday circulation of about 49,000.[2] The newspaper is the result of the 1995 merger of The Home News of East Brunswick (founded 1879) and The News Tribune of Woodbridge Township. The combined paper, initially renamed the Home News & Tribune before the ampersand was removed, was sold to the Gannett Company in 1997.

In 2009, some production operations were moved and consolidated with those of Central Jersey Gannett newspapers. Those operations are now located in Neptune. The newsroom and advertising departments remained in East Brunswick at the time but have seen relocated to Someville, where its sister papers, the Courier News of Somerville is headquarters. The two papers share much of the same content.

The Home News was originally headquartered in New Brunswick. When operating in the southwestern industrial section of the city, the road on which it was located was named "Home News Row" and retains the name today.

Paul C. Grzella is the current general manager of the Home News Tribune, as well as the Courier News in Somerville.