Hetty or Hettie is a female first name, often a diminutive form (hypocorism) of Henrietta. It may refer to:


  • Hetty Balkenende (born 1939), Dutch former freestyle and synchronized swimmer
  • Henrietta Hetty Baynes (born 1956), English actress
  • Hetty Burlingame Beatty (1907–1971), American sculptor, children's author, and illustrator
  • Hetty Cary (1836–1892), a noted beauty of the Confederacy and one of the makers of the Confederate battle flag
  • Henrietta Hetty Green (1834–1916), American businesswoman and notorious miser
  • Hetty Goldman (1881–1972), American archaeologist, the first woman faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Study
  • Hetty Johnston (born 1958), Australian child protection activist and founder of the Bravehearts children's charity
  • Hettie Jones (born 1934), American poet and writer
  • Hetty King (1883–1972), stage name of English music hall entertainer Winifred Emms
  • Hetty Krist (born 1942), illustrator
  • Hettie MacDonald, British film, theatre and television director
  • Hetty Perkins (1900–1979), elder of the Arrernte people of Central Australia
  • Henrietta Hetty Tayler (1869–1951), British historical writer
  • Hetty Verolme (born 1930), Belgian-born Australian writer and Holocaust survivor

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