Hat Films comprises a trio of YouTube personalities – Alex Smith, Chris Trott and Ross Hornby, who are part of The Yogscast, a British YouTube content creator network titled by BBC as "Kings of YouTube".[2] They are the creators of the Internet comedy series Stunt Lads.[3] Hat Films were featured in the book Yogscast: The Diggy Diggy Book.[2]

Stunt Lads

Stunt Lads is a machinima series created in Grand Theft Auto V. While covering the work of Hat Films, Vice magazine reported in April 2016 that Stunt Lads was created by Hat Films "entirely in the Rockstar Editor," a digital media editing software. The report further mentioned that the idea of Stunt Lads "came from a collective interest in light-hearted, slapstick fare and an inability to perform stunts to the same standard as some of the online scene's dedicated crews."[3] Playground.ru, the Russian gaming information site, featured a review of Hat Films and their work on Stunt Lads in September 2013.[4]

Minecraft Trailers

Hat Films have worked with Mojang and Microsoft Studios, among others, on the official Minecraft update trailers for console and PC editions of the game.[5][6] They have also worked on the official opening videos for Minecon.[7] Hat Films first came into contact with Mojang in the early stages of their career while the group was asking for permission to record Let's Plays of Minecraft.[8]