Gustavo is a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese male given name derived from Gustav /ˈɡʊstɑːv/, also spelled Gustaf, of Old Swedish origin, possibly meaning "staff of the Geats", derived from the Old Norse elements Gautr ("Geat") and stafr ("staff"). It is a common name for Swedish monarchs since the reign of Gustav Vasa. Another etymology speculates that the name may have a Slavic origin, through Swedish, from "Gostislav", a compound word from Old Slavic "Gost'" ("guest") and "slava" ("glory").

It may refer to:


Drama, film and television

  • Gustavo Alatriste, Mexican actor, director, and producer of films married to Silvia Pinal
  • Gustavo Aguerre (born 1953), Argentine artist, curator, writer, and theatre designer
  • Gustavo Fring, a fictional character in the American television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC
  • Gustavo Rocque, a fictional character on the show Big Time Rush
  • Gustavo Joao Gomes, a real life character on the CT4 show.

Engineering, religion and science

  • Gustavo Colonnetti (1886–1968), Italian mathematician and engineer
  • Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino (born 1928), Peruvian theologian and Dominican priest regarded as the founder of Liberation Theology at the University of Notre Dame
  • Gustavo Tamayo, Colombian ophthalmologist


Military and politics