Gretsch G6131MY ("MY" stands for Malcolm Young) is an electric guitar manufactured by the Gretsch Guitar Co. The guitar was designed to replicate AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young's Gretsch Jet Firebird, which he heavily modified over the years of use.

The guitar is modeled after Malcolm Young's original 1963 Jet Firebird. Young, however, does not use his signature guitar for recording nor playing live; relying solely on the Firebird. Young did play the signature model in the "Cover You In Oil" video from the band's 1995 "Ballbreaker" album.

This guitar comes in two formats, one being the Gretsch Malcolm Young I model consisting of one pickup, and a Badass Bridge. The second style is the Gretsch Malcolm Young II model. which features a second filtertron pickup at the neck position. The guitars come in the choice of three finishes; natural, flame maple and red.

This Malcolm Young signature Gretsch is heavily chambered internally, and therefore is a lighter guitar compared to similar sized models. However, actual weight and degree of chambering is known to have varied throughout the life of this signature model. Some pre- Fender era models (2003) are known to be heavier at around 7 lbs, compared to more current models which are lighter by 1 lb or more, depending on pickup configuration.