The Grand Saline Sun is a weekly newspaper published in Grand Saline, Texas in Van Zandt County. The paper's editorial focus is on local community, city, school and county news.

The paper is currently published on Thursday and has a circulation of about 1,500. Its office is located at 116 N. Main Street. The paper is printed in Longview, Texas.

The paper's website that displays up to date news and headlines was launched in September 2009. It can be found at []


Founded in 1896, the paper consolidated with at least two additional papers in the early 1900s. One of the additional papers was named the Grand Saline Salt Shaker and was most likely the source of the graphic of a salt shaker which appears on the current masthead (the town's name comes from a large salt deposit located southeast of the city, mined by Morton Salt).


In November 2012 the Sun was purchased by Lake Country Media, LLC, a family owned media company located in Grand Saline and is now locally owned and operated by Dan and Ann Moore.[2]