The Gardiner Sisters are a family musical group from Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. The group primarily consists of elder sisters Hailey, Allie, and Mandi Gardiner.[2][3]


The group began in 2007 when they first started posting videos of themselves singing on YouTube.[4] As of May 2015, the Gardiner Sisters' YouTube channel has more than 46 million total video views and over 480,000 subscribers.[5] Their interpretation of the song "Let It Go" from the Disney movie Frozen was one of ABC News' Top 10 favourite renditions of "Let It Go" from 2014.[6] The Gardiner Sisters have currently released five EPs. In April 2015, Hailey released her solo EP, titled 'The Woods', on Earth Day.


  • Hailey Camille Gardiner (Oldest)
  • Allie Jane Gardiner
  • Mandi Sophie Gardiner
  • Lindsay Elizabeth Gardiner
  • Abby Claire Gardiner
  • Lucy Violette Gardiner (Youngest)



  • Gardiner Sisters (2009)
  • Merry Christmas (2013)
  • L.O.V.E. (2014)
  • Better (2014)
  • Nearer To Thee (2016)