Franciszek Kokot (born 24 November 1929) is a Polish nephrologist and endocrinologist. Kokot is known as the pioneer of nephrology in Eastern Europe. [2] He is a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, [7] having previously served as its rector. [6]

Franciszek Kokot was born in Rosenberg O.S., Germany (today Olesno in Poland). He studied medicine from 1948 to 1953 in the Silesian School of Medicine in Katowice. He then worked as a technician and became an expert in radio-immune assays. This enabled him to enter the Department of Pharmacology of the Silesian School of Medicine where he completed a period of training in Internal Medicine. [2]

Kokot was one of the first individuals to study abnormalities of volume regulating hormones and of volume status in acute renal failure, and one of the first to document abnormalities in humans with renal ischemia, particularly renal artery stenosis. He was also a pioneer in studying in great detail the reversal of hormonal abnormalities of patients with endstage kidney disease by renal transplantation. [2]

Awards and honors

The following is a list of the awards and honors of Franciszek Kokot: [2]