France has competed in every modern Olympic Games, although its participation at the 1904 Games is questionable, with Albert Corey's appearance being credited by different sources to either the United States or France. However the IOC as the final arbiter has determined that his affiliation was to the United States of America.

French athletes have won 716 medals at the Summer Olympic Games, with fencing and cycling as the top medal-producing sports. France has won an additional 109 medals at the Winter Olympic Games, mostly in alpine skiing.

Hosted Games

France has hosted the Games on five occasions and is planning to host the sixth.

GamesHost cityDatesNationsParticipantsEvents
1900 Summer OlympicsParis14 May – 28 October2499795
1924 Winter OlympicsChamonix25 January – 4 February1625816
1924 Summer OlympicsParis4 May – 27 July443,089126
1968 Winter OlympicsGrenoble6 – 18 February371,15835
1992 Winter OlympicsAlbertville8 – 23 February641,80157
2024 Summer OlympicsParis2– 18 AugustTBATBATBA

Medal tables

*Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

Medals by summer sport

   Leading in that sport
Number of medals won by France at the Olympic winter games from 1924 to 2014.

Medals by winter sport

Alpine skiing15151545
Figure skating32712
Freestyle skiing24612
Nordic combined2114
Cross country skiing0112
Ski jumping0011

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