Flip or Flop is a television series airing on HGTV hosted by real estate agents and real life husband and wife Tarek El Moussa (born August 21, 1981) and Christina El Moussa (born July 9, 1983).[2]


The couple were both real estate agents prior to the crash in 2008, and later began flipping homes, mostly located in Orange County, California.[3]

One day in 2011, Tarek asked a friend to help him make an audition tape for HGTV. The friend filmed an entire episode of the process of house flipping from start to finish. The audition tape was sent to HGTV and they were interested in talking to the couple. In 2012, HGTV signed the couple to a regular weekly program that shows the process of buying distressed property and renovating it.[4]

Christina's real estate expertise is primarily in design and she works with Tarek to find and renovate homes. She handles the designs of the new spaces and keeps everything on schedule. The show follows them as they buy homes, typically bank-owned, short sales, or foreclosures to renovate and resell.[5]


Personal life

Christina was born in Anaheim, California and grew up in Anaheim Hills. She began working in the real estate industry right after college, where she met her husband, Tarek El Moussa, who earned his real estate license at age 21.[6] The couple was selling real estate in the southern California area[7] when the housing market plummeted after the October 2008 stock market crash, they went from living in a $6,000 per month home to a $700 per month apartment.[8]

Tarek and Christina married in 2009 and have two children.[9]

In 2013, a registered nurse and viewer of the show contacted the network after seeing a lump on Tarek's neck during a Flip or Flop marathon. Tarek had previously had the lump examined, and told there was no issue, but after the nurse, Ryan Reade, contacted producers, Tarek had the lump checked again; doctors discovered that he had stage 2 thyroid cancer. [2] The El Moussas thanked the fan, in a video that can be seen on HGTV.com. [2]

Real Estate career

Today the couple runs a real-estate agency, The El Moussa Group in Orange County, California, an area with one of the largest foreclosure rates in the country.[2] Tarek, Christina and their business partner, Pete De Best, bought their first investment house in Santa Ana for $115,000. After selling the property for a profit of $34,000, the trio split the money and have continued to flip houses, expanding their real estate investing business into Arizona and Nevada.[2]

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
Season premiereSeason finale
13April 16, 2013May 28, 2013
14April 8, 2014July 8, 2014
15October 7, 2014July 7, 2015
14December 3, 2015March 24, 2016
June 9, 2016

Season 1

Season #Series #TitleOriginal air dateCost of home ($)Closing cost ($)Rehab cost ($)Sale price ($)Profit/loss ($)Contractor
11"The Foreclosure Heebie-Jeebies"April 16, 2013275,00022,00053,000405,000+ 55,000Daniel Messina
  • Flip Location: Long Beach, California
22"Vandalized Foreclosure"April 16, 2013430,00026,00029,000560,000+ 65,000Daniel Messina
33"Awkward Floor Plan"April 23, 2013393,000N/A37,387510,000+ 79,613Daniel Messina
44"Double Trouble Flip"April 23, 2013280,000N/A117,000512,000+ 115,000Daniel Messina
55"Underwater Flip"April 30, 2013490,000TBA33,900UnsoldTBDIsrael Battres
66"Spanish Style Salvage"April 30, 2013208,00020,60057,935360,000+ 73,465Daniel Messina
77"Inland Empire Cosmetic Nightmare"May 7, 2013180,00012,00053,200290,000+ 44,800Daniel Messina
88"The Bungalow Gamble"May 7, 2013182,00020,60053,000320,000+ 66,200Daniel Messina
99"Flop House Flip"May 14, 2013210,00017,50083,000368,500+ 58,000Israel Battres
1010"Facelift Flip"May 14, 2013200,00013,00046,000330,000+ 71,000Israel Battres
1111"A Flip With A View"May 21, 2013540,000TBA72,000UnsoldTBDIsrael Battres
  • Flip Location: Whittier, California
    Note: Tarek and Christina had to borrow against Dominique's (Tarek's mother) home equity line of credit in order to fund the renovation. During Flip or Flop Follow Up "High Risk, High Reward?" episode, it was revealed that they made $60,000 profit on the house.
1212"The Moldy Mess"May 21, 2013385,00025,00066,000530,000+ 54,000Israel Battres
1313"Keeping Up With The Joneses"May 28, 2013386,000TBA169,000UnsoldTBDIsrael Battres

Season 2

Season #Series #TitleOriginal air dateCost of home ($)Closing cost ($)Rehab cost ($)Sale price ($)Profit/loss ($)Contractor
114"Foreclosure Shock"April 8, 2014410,00035,000123,000685,000+ 117,000Israel Battres
215"Unfinished Flip"April 15, 2014315,00025,00075,000510,000+ 95,000Israel Battres
316"Nothing But Potential"April 22, 2014406,00030,000174,700700,000+ 89,300Israel Battres
417"Too Small to Fail"April 29, 2014
Parents Loan >
22,00042,750420,000+ 62,000Israel Battres
518"Dirty, Dated and Undesired"May 6, 2014330,00020,00060,000500,000+ 90,000Israel Battres
619"Flipper vs. Flipper"May 13, 2014680,00051,300TBA880,000+ 34,000Israel Battres
720"A Barnyard Dance"May 20, 2014565,000TBA103,100TBALeft UnansweredIsrael Battres

Note: During Flip or Flop Follow Up, Taking Risks episode it was revealed that this house sold for 715,000 for a profit of 46,900.

821"Hard Money Blues"May 27, 2014
Hard Money Loan >
40,000168,000940,000+ 81,400Israel Battres

Note: During Flip or Flop Follow Up, it was revealed that the initial offer fell through and the home took 4 months to sell. With a sale price of $940k, total investment of $848k, closing and loan costs of $72,400, the profit was $19,600.

922"Loud, Louder, Loudest"June 3, 2014440,00024,00082,100643,000+ 96,900Israel Battres
1023"A Neglected Flip"June 10, 2014325,00014,500TBA456,000+ 73,900Israel Battres
1124"Ranch House of Ruin"June 17, 2014345,00025,00060,000510000+ 80,000Israel Battres
1225"Mid-Century Flip"June 24, 2014520,00030,000124,600725,000+ 39,000Israel Battres
1326"A Risky Flip"July 1, 2014350,00017,00073,000499,900+ 59,900Jeff Lawrence
1427"Hilltop Hangup"July 8, 2014560,000TBA67,000UnsoldTBDSteve Cederquist

Season 3

Season #Series #TitleOriginal air dateCost of home ($)Closing cost ($)Rehab cost ($)Sale price ($)Profit/loss ($)Contractor
128"Cracked Flip"October 7, 2014555,000No Closing Cost
10,000 escrow fees
103,400730,000+ 61,600Israel Battres
  • Flip Location: Yorba Linda, California Note: Tarek & Christina sold this house to Tarek's sister, Angelique, for $20,000 less than what they intended to list the house for. Closing costs were also waived.
229"Toxic Flip"April 7, 2015255,00015,00062,900429,900+ 97,000Steve Cederquist
330"Custom Craftsman"April 14, 2015410,00025,000125,000625,000+ 65,000Israel Battres/
Jessie Rodriguez
  • Flip Location: Santa Ana, California Note: all costs and profits on this flip were split 50/50 with Jessie Rodriguez.
431"Abandoned Flip"April 21, 2015235,00020,000100,000410,000+ 55,000Israel Battres
532"Junk Yard Flip"April 28, 2015307,00020,00033,428409,900+ 49,472Jeff Lawrence
633"Pipe Dreams"May 5, 2015400,00020,00044,600550,000+ 85,400Steve Cederquist
734"Freeway Flip"May 12, 2015400,00025,00071,250595,000+ 98,750Steve Cederquist
835"No Risk, No Reward"May 19, 2015415,00020,00085,300559,000+ 38,700Don Jensen
  • Flip Location: Anaheim, California Note: HGTV.com lists this episode as being part of season 4,[2] however it is actually part of season 3.[2][2]
936"Too Good To Be True"May 26, 2015385,00022,00052,000549,900+ 90,900Israel Battres
1037"A Flip With The Enemy"June 2, 2015435,00025,00065,600599,900+ 74,300Akeli Slade/
Jeff Lawrence
1138"Big Lot, Little Flip"June 9, 2015272,00026,000105,300400,000- 3,300Jeff Lawrence
1239"The Money Pit"June 16, 2015315,000TBA60,000UnsoldTBDSteve Cederquist
1340"Thrifty vs Glitzy"June 23, 2015400,00019,20040,700524,900+ 65,000Jeff Lawrence
  • Flip Location: Orange, California Note: all costs and profits on this flip were split 50/50 with Pete de Best.
1441"A Dinky Flip"June 30, 2015319,000TBA54,300UnsoldTBDSteve Cederquist
  • Flip Location: Downey, California
    Note: During Flip or Flop Follow Up, it was revealed that the home took one week to sell. With a sale price of $430k, total investment of $373,300, closing cost of $14,000, the profit was $42,700.
1542"Pig In A Poke"July 07, 2015332,00020,00075,400482,500+ 55,100Steve Cederquist

Season 4

Season #Series #TitleOriginal Air DateCost of Home ($)Closing Cost ($)Rehab Cost ($)Sale Price ($)Profit/loss ($)Contractor
143"Of Wreck and Ruin"December 3, 2015225,00015,000124,500460,000+92,800Israel Battres
244"Fun House Flip"December 10, 2015340,00020,000418,000507,000+65,000Frank Miller
  • Flip location: Anaheim, California
345"Diamond in the Rough"December 17, 2015480,00025,00065,200650,000+76,300Frank Miller
446"Abort Flip"January 7, 2016275,00016,00065,000405,000+57,500Steve Cederquist
547" Big Money Flip"January 14, 2016710,00055,000212,9001,149,000+167,600Steve Cederquist
648"Breaking Up"January 21, 2016315,000TBD75,000UnsoldTBDIsrael Battres
749"Trickle Down Flip"January 28, 2016260,00018,00051,400425,000+167,600Jeff Lawrence
850"Boxed In Flip"February 04, 2016340,00018,00055,150485,000+68,050Tony Perez
951"Natural Disaster"February 11, 2016899,00040,000196,4001,400,000+130,550Steve Cederquist/
Pete de Best
1052"Dilapidated Flip"February 18, 2016290,00018,00059,900419,900+48,500Frank Miller
1153"A Frantic Fiasco"February 25, 2016460,00025,000192,500649,900+68,900Frank Miller
1254"Million Dollar Flip"March 03, 2016989,00050,000140,0001,350,000+167,500Don Jensen
1355"Pesky Flip"March 10, 2016355,00022,00045,550550,000+123,650Frank Miller
1456"House of Hidden Horros"March 17, 2016400,00020,00055,000515,000+37,200Don Jensen
1557"A Family Friendly Flip"February 11, 2016550,000N/A75,300725,000+18,750Steve Cederquist/
Carlos Zepeda
  • Flip location: Anaheim Hills, California Note: House owned by Carlos' family. His profit was $114,350. Tarek and Christina received commissions from Carlos.

Season 5

Season #Series #TitleOriginal air dateCost of home ($)Closing cost ($)Rehab cost ($)Sale price ($)Profit/loss ($)Contractor
158"Down to the Studs"June 9, 2016[16]250,00020,000115,000470,500+105,700Frank Miller
259"Cat Nip Flip"June 16, 2016[16]475,00030,428138,572UnsoldTBDTony Perez/
Frank Miller
360"Old Time Flip"June 23, 2016[16]300,00015,00077,450426,500+30,250Frank Miller
461"Communal Flip"June 30, 2016[16]425,00020,00087,600589,900+57,300Frank Miller
562"Fire Sale Flip"July 7, 2016[16]525,000TBA99,500UnsoldTBDFrank Miller
663"New Flips, Familiar Faces"July 14, 2016[16]TBATBATBATBATBDTBA
764"Labor of Love"July 21, 2016[16]TBATBATBATBATBDTBA
865"Split at the Seams"July 28, 2016[16]TBATBATBATBATBDTBA


Flip or Flop: Follow-Up premiered July 14, 2015.[2] The show revisits old house flips from previous episodes. The series goes deeper into the issues with the individual flips, and shows previously unaired footage. The series also updates on houses that remained unsold at the time of the original production. These three stories including a successful flip, a flop and a follow-up that ends with Tarek and Christina revisiting one of their house flips.[2]

In March 2016, a spin-off series titled Flip or Flop Selling Summer was announced which will focus on the Flip or Flop stars revamping backyards with the series consisting of 4 episodes.[19] In May 2016, the series was scheduled for an August 25, 2016 premiere date on HGTV.[20]