Evie is a former parish and village on The Mainland, Orkney, Scotland. It now forms part of the civil parish of Evie and Rendall.


Within the parish are a number of prehistoric features, including Gurness, an Iron Age broch that overlooks Eynhallow Sound.[2]


Evie is home to two large dairy farms called Dale and Georth as well as Burgar farm. There are also a few beef farms. This is due to the very good quality of soil contained in this area of Orkney. All three dairy farms contribute milk to the award winning Orkney cheese as well as Orkney ice cream and other dairy products.

Burgar Hill Wind Farm

The five wind turbines on Burgar Hill in Evie are visible from a large part of the West Mainland. Established in 1983, this was one of the first wind farms in the UK.[3]


Evie is the birthplace of Orcadian writer Ernest Marwick.


In folklore, Evie was the home of the farmer, Guidman o' Thorodale who drove away the Finfolk, shape-shifting mer-people, from the island of Eynhallow.[4]