Eleanor Barooshian (April 2, 1950 – August 30, 2016), also known as Eleanor Baruchian and as Chelsea Lee , [33] was a member of the band the Cake (formed in New York in 1966). [6] In 1967, Barooshian appeared in You Are What You Eat , [4] a documentary film produced by Peter Yarrow of folk group Peter, Paul & Mary . In the film, Barooshian performed the Sonny & Cher hit " I Got You Babe " with Tiny Tim . She sang the male part while Tiny sang the female. [33] Yarrow cast them after seeing them perform at Steve Paul's The Scene in New York. [5]

Following the break-up of the Cake in 1968, Barooshian and fellow Cake member Jacobs toured with Dr John and subsequently moved to the UK , where they became part of Ginger Baker's Air Force . Barooshian also recorded an album in Japan with Tetsu Yamauchi .

The Kevin Ayers song "Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)" from the LP Joy of a Toy (1970) was written about Barooshian.

She died on August 30, 2016 at the age of 66. [8] [9]