Ekushey Television (ETV) (Bengali: একুশে টেলিভিশন) is a private terrestrial channel in Bangladesh. It broadcasts from Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. Ekushey Television is the first private television channel in the history of Bangladesh.[3] Official transmission began on April 14, 2000.

Ekushey consistently is the #1 rated channel in Bangladesh; with excellent shows and its own base audience. In 2011, Ekushey became the first Bangladeshi channel to broadcast all its content live-online to viewers around the globe, through its official website as well as . The channel is popularly acknowledged as the voice of the nation and considered the most popular TV channel in Bangladesh due to its news and other innovative programs.[5][7]


Launched in April 2000 as the country's first private terrestrial TV channel, Ekushey Television (ETV) covered half the country's population and turned out to be the most popular channel offering brisk, highly professional, and path-breaking programmes.[8]

The channel sparked a revolution in television journalism. The objective, deeply analytical, interpretative and investigative reports by a bunch of young and enthusiastic journalists has a serious impact on society.

Reporting reached an international standard and for the first time reporters enjoyed stardom. ETV immensely encouraged women towards journalism as a profession.

The ETV productions were unique in nature: children's programme Muktokhabor, for instance, was a news-based show in which the child performers would handle news with social relevance. Fifty percent of the young team were from underprivileged families.

ETV played a vital role in promoting talented young artistes the result of which was so obvious—many innovative ideas and commitment produced quality programmes and the channel gained huge popularity within a short time. ETV was an organised and professional media, which was accumulated by professional, creative, talented and committed people. To ensure quality the authority trained up the behind-the-scene people as well as the artistes and performers of a programme.

To name other successful items, entertainment programmes Ekusher Dupur, Priyotomashu, quiz show Shobdo Jabdo, Shofol Jara Kemon Tara, informative programme Ekatturer Ei Diney, Ajker Shongbadpotro, Ei Shoptaher Biswa, talk show Amrao Boltey Chai, cookery show Radhunir Rannaghar, and of course a number of plays by gifted directors.

ETV had been leading the nation's seemingly aimless youth to a healthy and capable citizenship through its promising and unique programme roster. ETV protected the Bangladeshi viewers from the formidable influence of the satellite-culture and steered them gently to the tasteful bouquet of Bangla programmes, discarding the Hindi channels.

After being in operation for two years, on August 29, 2002, Managing Director Simon Dring and three other executives had their work permits cancelled and the station was taken off-air.[9][10] However, permission for the station to continue transmission once more was granted on April 14, 2005, and transmission was resumed, on December 1, 2006.

Its official transmission started March 29, 2007 and, started 24-hour transmission on June 1. Present Chairman of ETV is Mr. Mohammed Saiful Alam.[11]

Technical info

  • Satellite: Telstar 10 at 76.5 degree E orbital location
  • Band: C Band
  • Frequency: 3787 MHz
  • Polarization: Horizontal (H)
  • F E C: 2/3
  • Symbol Rate: 4.600 MS/S

Types of broadcasting programs

  • Talk show
  • Drama
  • News
  • Children News
  • Live Concert
  • Special talk show with specialized Topic (Health, Children etc.)
  • Educational documentaries
  • Children shows
  • Exploring culture, landscapes, and history driven shows

Business programming

ETV also broadcasts a dedicated band for business news everyday from 10 am to 2:30 pm during the trading hours in the Dhaka Stock Exchange with real-time updates, live discussions and breaking news, the first channel in the country to do so.

The channel has developed a reputation for providing current stock market news and incisive discussions on business related issues and is a clear leader in the business news space, setting editorial and production standards for the Bangladesh TV news market.

Current shows

  • Media Gosif
  • Phono Live Studio Concert
  • Golpo Solpo Gaan
  • Tobuo Badhan
  • Atopar Ami
  • Ekusher Raat
  • Ekusher Sondha
  • Ekusher Dupur
  • Ekusher Sokal
  • Ekusher Chokh

Former shows