The East Anglia Array is a proposed series of offshore wind farms to be located around 30 miles off the east coast of East Anglia, in the North Sea, England. It is being developed in partnership by ScottishPower Renewables and Vattenfall. Up to six individual projects could be set up in the area with a maximum capacity of up to 7.2 GW. The first project, East Anglia ONE at 714 MW, received planning consent in June 2014 and contracts in April 2016. Offshore construction will begin in 2017 and be final around 2020.


The East Anglia Zone is in the North Sea off the east coast of East Anglia. It is one of nine offshore zones belonging to the Crown Estate which formed part of the third licence round for UK offshore wind farms. At the closest point the zone is 14 km from shore.[2] East Anglia Offshore Wind (EAOW) is a partnership between ScottishPower Renewables and Vattenfall. In December 2009, EAOW was announced as the developer for the East Anglia Zone.[3]

The target capacity for the entire East Anglia Zone is 7,200MW which could require up to 1,200 turbines.[2] Up to six individual projects could be set up in the area.[4] The first intended project is the East Anglia ONE windfarm[2] currently in preparation. EAOW has also announced plans for two further projects named East Anglia THREE and East Anglia FOUR.[2] East Anglia TWO was an early target, but was later dropped.[2]

East Anglia ONE

East Anglia ONE is located in the southern area of the East Anglia Zone, and is approximately 43 km (27 miles) from the shore.[5] The initial proposal was to achieve an installed capacity of 1,200MW.[5] Cabling for East Anglia ONE would start near the River Deben at Felixstowe and run north of Ipswich, and then be connected to the National Grid at Bramford.[6] Onshore construction is expected to begin in 2017 with offshore construction beginning in 2018.[5]

A plan was formally submitted to the government in December 2012,[7] and planning consent was granted in June 2014.[8] In October 2014 ScottishPower announced that it intended to scale down East Anglia ONE because of insufficient subsidies.[9] In February 2015 it was announced that ScottishPower would proceed with a scaled-down 714 MW project.[10]

A contract for £119/MWh was published on 27 April 2016, using 102 Siemens Wind Power gearless turbines of 7 MW each. Nacelles will be built in Cuxhaven, while blades are to be made in Hull.[11][12] Due to water depths between 30-40 m, the turbines will use jacketed foundations. Cabling is to be at 66kV as oppposed to the traditional 33kV. Two export cables at 400kV AC send the power to shore.[13]

East Anglia THREE

The proposed East Anglia THREE wind farm is located in the northern half of the East Anglia Zone,[14] and is approximately 69 km (42 miles) from the shore.[4] It is expected to provide an installed capacity of 1,200MW,[14] with up to 172 turbines.[4]

East Anglia FOUR

The proposed East Anglia FOUR wind farm is located in the northern half of the East Anglia Zone.[15] It is expected to provide an installed capacity of 1,200MW.[15]