Dopeness Magazine is an urban culture magazine that's published by Dopeness Magazine LLC. The magazine, which printed an initial issue in February 2012 is directed at today's mainstream audience focusing on all levels of music, fashion, art, automotive, entertainment, architecture, humor, gaming, business and more; nationwide and internationally. Dopeness is published bi-monthly with increased press runs throughout the year. Dopeness Magazine markets digital features and additional physical products via direct marketing and through established audience distribution channels. i.e. Dopeness TV, Dopeness Connect, Dopeness Reveal, and Clusiv.


Dopeness Magazine began as a joint concept between two young men in late 2011 to early 2012, both age 20 at the time, Christopher Rogers and Bagio White; both Founders of the “Dopeness" name. Dopeness was established in February 2012 by both founders intended to provide their audience, both male and female, with the latest & 'Most Entertaining' News the urban community has to offer. The Name "Dopeness" was derived by the adjective slang word "Dope" in meaning: Great, amazing or extraordinary. The idea was to create a magazine that combined Urban lifestyle and interests in a modern sense presented in a vibrant modern style of print media design.


Dopeness magazine is targeted to audience ages 18 to 45, to be a platform levelling style+lifestyle for said audiences involved in the latest trends in music, fashion, gaming, automotive, sports, finance and more. Dopeness Magazine, through its magazine, digest, editorial content and additional branding, promotes positivity and style for the urban/metropolitan areas; to promote the concept of "lifestyle" in the greater influenced areas of society.


Dopeness has a steady growing reputation for its covers. The magazine covers most often feature celebrities from across music, entertainment and sports. One notable Bow Wow and Keshia Chante both appeared and covered the June/July 2014 issue.[2] Other Dopeness'‍s covers included August Alsina and Tiffany Foxx (April/May 2014), Rico Love and Tashiana Washington (February/March 2014),[3] Angela Yee and April Rose (August/September 2013).[4] In 2012, Dopeness gave singer, Tinashe, her first-ever magazine cover.[5]