Discouraged Ones (stylized discøuraged ønes) is the third full-length album by Katatonia. The album was released on April 27, 1998. This is the last Katatonia release with Mikael Oretoft. It is also their last release with Jonas Renkse on drums; on future releases, he would focus on being the band's lead vocalist and contributing additional guitar work. According to Renkse, Discouraged Ones had sold roughly 20,000 copies as of 2001.[4]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Renkse and Nyström unless noted otherwise. 

1."I Break"  4:24
2."Stalemate"  4:21
3."Deadhouse"  4:37
4."Relention"  3:39
5."Cold Ways"  5:22
6."Gone"  2:49
7."Last Resort"  4:37
8."Nerve"  4:32
9."Saw You Drown"  5:04
10."Instrumental"  2:52
11."Distrust"  4:57
12."Quiet World" (2007 reissue bonus track; Nyström, Renkse, F. Norrman, Oretoft)4:39
13."Scarlet Heavens" (2007 reissue bonus track)10:26
Total length:

Release history

23 February 20072007 reissue
20092009 LP reissue (150 orange and 350 yellow)



Additional personnel

  • Mikael Åkerfeldt – backing vocals, vocal production[6]
  • Tomas Skogsberg – engineering, mixing
  • Fred Estby – engineering
  • Pressens Bild – photography
  • Tom Martinsen – photography, digital design
  • Maria Winsnes – photography
  • David Castillo – remastering
  • reesycle.com – layout