Denice Klarskov (born April 18, 1986) is a Danish pornographic actress and entrepreneur.

Life and career

Klarskov started her career at 16 as a photo model, appearing in several major magazines and entering the finals of the beauty contest Miss Solskin.[3] She starred in her first pornographic film at the age of 18 years.[4] In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked for several years in the American adult industry.[4]

Klarskov is the founder and the owner of "DK Production", a Danish porn production company.[5][6][7][8]

She has worked one week as a guest radio hostess for the radio show Anne og de herreløse hunde - nu uden Anne on ANR (Aalborg Nærradio).[9][10]In 2012, Klarskov was the subject of an episode of Emil Thorup's documentary series Emils damer, broadcast by DR HD.[11][12]

She is married and lives in Lundby, Vordingborg.[13]