Dance Central 2 is a rhythm game developed by Harmonix exclusively for the Xbox 360 Kinect.


The core gameplay in Dance Central 2 is mostly identical to the original Dance Central. Players perform given dance moves, which are tracked by the Kinect. The more accurately the player performs the move, the more points he/she scores. Higher difficulties increase move complexity, and the margin of error is reduced.

Features new to Dance Central 2 include voice control, simultaneous two player gameplay in both cooperative and competitive modes with drop in/drop out functionality, an improved fitness mode, a more in-depth and customizable "Break it Down" mode, allowing the player to practice only specific moves in a routine, and a campaign mode featuring dance crews of various styles.[2][3][4][5]


The 21 characters appearing in the game are listed below along with their crew affiliation. 13 are new to Dance Central 2 while the 5 others return from the original Dance Central; Dare, MacCoy, Oblio and ELIOT do not return in Dance Central 2. The three (except ELIOT) will return in Dance Central 3.

Li'l T.Flash4wrd
AngelLu$h Crew
Miss AubreyLu$h Crew
KerithThe Glitterati
JarynThe Glitterati
MarcosIcon Crew
FrenchyIcon Crew
ShinjuNinja Crew
KichiNinja Crew
  • Riptide is the sportiest crew, consisting of Bodie and Emilia. Their venue is a basketball court next to a beach. They are regarded as the most supportive and friendly crew.
  • Flash4wrd is the sassy African sister-duo crew with their leader. Members are Taye and her little sister, 'Lil T. They dance at a golf course.
  • Lush Crew is the fancy crew and both members are from the original Dance Central. Miss Aubrey and Angel are the members. Venue is Miss Aubrey's cruise ship.
  • Hi-Def is the rap/hip hop crew of Mo and Glitch. Takes place at train station and in a train.
  • The Glitterati are the mysterious and sinister twin crew consisting of Kerith and Jaryn. They are regarded as the toughest crew to defeat.
  • D-CYPHER is Dr. Tan's evil robot dance crew from inside an airship. The robots are called CYPH-56 CYPH-78.
  • Icon Crew consists of Marcos and Frenchy, who are seen in song previews in the song menu.
  • Ninja Crew consists of Ninjas - Kichi and Shinju. Shinju makes a return from Dance Central, with his new partner, Kichi.


High TideRiptide
Set AdriftLu$h Crew
Tee OffFlash4wrd
PenthaüsThe Glitterati
The AirshipD-CYPHER


On Disc

The following 44 songs appear on the Dance Central 2 disc.[2][4] Songs that are in pink are cover versions. Riptide's Songs are in red are the songs in the Crew Challenge. Flash4wrd's Songs in are green are the songs in the Crew Challenge. Lu$h Crew's Songs are in blue are the songs in the Crew Challenge. Hi-Def's Songs are in yellow are the songs in the Crew Challenge. And The Glitterati's Songs are in purple are the songs in the Crew Challenge. All songs that are in light blue are final challenge songs in Crew Challenge led by D-Cypher. All songs are unlocked from the start.

SongArtistDecadeChoreographerDifficulty (Out of 7)CrewCharacterDC3 venue
"Baby Got Back (Mix Mix)"Sir Mix-a-Lot1990sChanel Thompson6RiptideEmiliaInvite Only
"Bad Romance"Lady Gaga2000sMarcos Aguirre5The GlitteratiKerithDCI HQ
"Body to Body"Electric Valentine2010sMarcos Aguirre3The GlitteratiJarynDCI HQ
"Born This Way"Lady Gaga2010sMarcos Aguirre5The GlitteratiKerithDCI HQ
"Bulletproof"La Roux2000sMarcos Aguirre2Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyStudio 675
"Club Can't Handle Me"Flo Rida ft. David Guetta2010sChanel Thompson3RiptideEmiliaDCI HQ
"Conceited (There's Something About Remy)"Remy Ma2000sMarcos Aguirre5Flash4wrdTayeStudio 675
"DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love"Usher ft. Pitbull2010sChanel Thompson5RiptideEmiliaDCI HQ
"Fire Burning"Sean Kingston2000sFrenchy Hernandez3Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyStudio 675
"Get Ur Freak On"Missy Elliott2000sMarcos Aguirre7Flash4wrdTayeCrow's Nest
"Goodies"Ciara ft. Petey Pablo2000sFrenchy Hernandez4Flash4wrdTayeStudio 675
"Grenade"Bruno Mars2010sMarcos Aguirre4Lu$h CrewAngelDCI HQ
"Hot Stuff"Donna Summer1970sChanel Thompson3Flash4wrdLi'l TFree Skate
"I Like It"Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull2010sChanel Thompson3RiptideEmiliaDCI HQ
"I Wish for You"EXILE2010sKunle Oladehin4Hi-DefMoDCI HQ
"Impacto (Remix)"Daddy Yankee ft. Fergie2000sFrenchy Hernandez2Flash4wrdTayeStudio 675
"Last Night"P Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole2000sFrenchy Hernandez2Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyStudio 675
"Like a G6"Far East Movement ft. Cataracs and Dev2010sSpikey Soria5The GlitteratiJarynDCI HQ
"Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei)"O-Zone2000sRicardo Foster1Hi-DefGlitchStudio 675
"Massive Attack"Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett2010sDevin Woolridge4RiptideBodieDCI HQ
"Meddle"Little Boots2000sMarcos Aguirre4The GlitteratiKerithStudio 675
"My Prerogative"Bobby Brown1980sDevin Woolridge4RiptideBodieToprock Avenue
"Nothin' on You"B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars2010sMarcos Aguirre3Lu$h CrewAngelDCI HQ
"Oops (Oh My)"Tweet ft. Missy Elliott2000sFrenchy Hernandez3The GlitteratiJarynDCI HQ
"Reach"Armanni Reign2000sRicardo Foster1RiptideBodieDCI HQ
"Real Love"Mary J. Blige1990sMarcos Aguirre1Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyInvite Only
"Right Thurr"Chingy2000sFrenchy Hernandez3Flash4wrdLi'l TStudio 675
"Rude Boy"Rihanna2010sFrenchy Hernandez3Flash4wrdTayeStudio 675
"Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)"Gnarls Barkley2000sKunle Oladehin6Hi-DefMoStudio 675
"Sandstorm"Darude1990sMarcos Aguirre1The GlitteratiKerithInvite Only
"Satellite"Lena2010sSpikey Soria7The GlitteratiJarynDCI HQ
"Sexy Chick"David Guetta ft. Akon2000sTorey Nelson7Hi-DefMoStudio 675
"Somebody to Love"Justin Bieber2010sTorey Nelson6Hi-DefMoDCI HQ
"Technologic"Daft Punk2000sKunle Oladehin6Hi-DefMoStudio 675
"The Breaks"Kurtis Blow1980sDevin Woolridge2Lu$h CrewAngelToprock Avenue
"The Humpty Dance"Digital Underground1990sRicardo Foster2RiptideBodieInvite Only
"This Is How We Do It"Montell Jordan1990sRicardo Foster2Hi-DefGlitchInvite Only
"Toxic"As Made Famous By Britney Spears2000sMarcos Aguirre7The GlitteratiJarynStudio 675
"Turn Me On"Kevin Lyttle2000sMarcos Aguirre2Lu$h CrewAngelStudio 675
"Venus"Bananarama1980sMarcos Aguirre2Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyToprock Avenue
"What Is Love"Haddaway1990sChanel Thompson5RiptideEmiliaInvite Only
"Whip My Hair"Willow Smith2010sSpikey Soria5Flash4wrdLi'l TDCI HQ
"Yeah!"Usher ft. Lil' Jon & Ludacris2000sRicardo Foster5Hi-DefGlitchStudio 675
"You're a Jerk"New Boyz2000sDevin Woolridge3Hi-DefGlitchStudio 675

Importable content

Similar to games in the Rock Band franchise, users are able to import all 32 songs from the original Dance Central disc for 400 Microsoft Points ($4.99 local currency). Additionally, users will need the 16-character code printed either on the back of the Dance Central manual or on a separate insert and at least 250 MB of available storage space.[6][7]

Downloadable content

Downloadable songs from the original Dance Central are forward compatible with Dance Central 2. Downloadable songs released for Dance Central 2 are forward compatible with Dance Central 3; however, support for new downloadable content for Dance Central 2 ended with the launch of Dance Central 3 on October 16, 2012. Songs are available for 240 Microsoft Points ($2.99 local currency) each.

Song TitleArtistDecadeChoreographerDifficulty
(Out of 7)
CrewCharacterRelease DateDance PackDC3 Venue
"Marry the Night"Lady Gaga2010sMarcos Aguirre3The GlitteratiJarynNovember 22, 2011DCI HQ
"The Edge of Glory"Lady Gaga2010sMarcos Aguirre2Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyNovember 22, 2011DCI HQ
"What's My Name"Rihanna ft. Drake2010sFrenchy Hernandez4Flash4wrdTayeDecember 20, 2011Invite Only
"S&M"Rihanna2010sMarcos Aguirre4The GlitteratiJarynDecember 20, 2011Crow's Nest
"Only Girl (In the World)"Rihanna2010sSpikey Soria7Flash4wrdLi'l TDecember 20, 2011Crow's Nest
"Closer"Ne-Yo2000sKunle Oladehin3Hi-DefMoJanuary 10, 201211Studio 675
"Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'Em)"Busta Rhymes2000sDevin Woolridge4RiptideBodieJanuary 17, 201211Studio 675
"Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"C+C Music Factory1990sChanel Thompson6RiptideEmiliaJanuary 24, 20128Invite Only
"Forget You"Cee Lo Green2010sDevin Woolridge2Hi-DefGlitchJanuary 31, 20129DCI HQ
"Say Hey (I Love You)"Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine Anderson2000sRicardo Foster Jr.2RiptideBodieFebruary 14, 201211Toprock Avenue
"Milkshake"Kelis2000sMarcos Aguirre4Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyFebruary 21, 20128Studio 675
"Party Rock Anthem"LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock2010sTorey Nelson6Hi-DefGlitchFebruary 28, 2012Invite Only
"Yeah 3x"Chris Brown2010sTorey Nelson5RiptideBodieMarch 13, 2012DCI HQ
"Escapade"Janet Jackson1980sChanel Thompson2RiptideEmiliaMarch 27, 2012Toprock Avenue
"Nasty"Janet Jackson1980sMarcos Aguirre5Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyMarch 27, 2012Toprock Avenue
"We No Speak Americano"Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP2010sRicardo Foster6Hi-DefGlitchApril 10, 201210Crow's Nest
"Commander"Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta2010sMarcos Aguirre6Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyApril 17, 201211DCI HQ
"Give Me Everything"Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer2010sFrenchy Hernandez4Lu$h CrewAngelApril 24, 20128DCI HQ
"Spice Up Your Life"Spice Girls1990sMarcos Aguirre2Flash4wrdLi'l TMay 8, 201210Invite Only
"Hello Good Morning"Diddy-Dirty Money ft. T.I.2010sNick DeMoura5RiptideBodieMay 15, 20129DCI HQ
"Scenario"A Tribe Called Quest1990sDevin Woolridge5Hi-DefGlitchMay 22, 20128Crow's Nest
"Low"Flo Rida ft. T-Pain2000sChanel Thompson3Flash4wrdTayeMay 29, 20129Studio 675
"Replay"Iyaz2010sNick DeMoura5Hi-DefGlitchJune 12, 20129DCI HQ
"Hot In Herre"Nelly2000sKunle Oladehin5RiptideBodieJune 19, 201211Studio 675
"Whine Up"Kat DeLuna ft. Elephant Man2000sMarcos Aguirre5Flash4wrdTayeJune 26, 20128Studio 675
"Round & Round"Selena Gomez & the Scene2010sNick DeMoura5Lu$h CrewMiss AubreyJuly 10, 201210DCI HQ
"La La Land"Demi Lovato2000sMarcos Aguirre2Flash4wrdLi'l TJuly 17, 201210Studio 675
"Never Say Never"Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith2010sKunie Oladehin4Hi-DefMoJuly 24, 201211DCI HQ
"Down On Me"Jeremih ft. 50 Cent2010sMarcos Aguirre3Lu$h CrewAngelAugust 7, 201211DCI HQ
"O.P.P."Naughty by Nature1990sRicardo Foster7Hi-DefGlitchAugust 14, 20129Invite Only
"Let It Rock"Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne2000sMarcos Aguirre4The GlitteratiKerithAugust 21, 201211Studio 675
"Promiscuous"Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland2000sDevin Woolridge5Lu$h CrewAngelAugust 28, 201211Studio 675


Dance Central 2 was officially announced at E3 2011 during Microsoft's press conference.[8] It was announced on February 2, 2012 that if the community reaches certain milestones, like star count or calories burned, three new crews and two new outfits will be unlocked. As of April 30, 2012, all the crews and outfits have been unlocked.[9] The characters that are in purple are new characters.



Reviews of the game were positive. IGN praising the game's style, added multiplayer, and dances, but mentions how a lot of the dances feel quite feminine, and how there is no shuffle mode.[14] As of May 2012, the game has sold 1.6 million copies worldwide.