Cure Magazine is a Japanese rock music and fashion magazine published monthly. It features the latest visual kei bands as well as fashion and styling tips. It also has the latest news and trends on the visual kei music scene. Different artists are featured on the front and back cover every month. Regularly featured bands include Diaura, Mejibray, Royz, Blu-Billion, ARLEQUIN, BAROQUE, R-Shitei, BugLug, Sadie, DaizyStripper and DuelJewel.

The magazine also features fashion snap shot cruising's of fans from all over the world attending visual kei and Jrock shows.

Popular columns within the magazine:

Exclusive Photos - Live Report and After Interview of popular Visual kei bands

Band Close ups - one on one interviews

Band Pick up - Interviews and reports on the newest hot bands

Live Reports - Jrock and Visual Kei band concert reports

Style Counseling - Hot Fashion brands and styling from Cure and the bands

Special Columns - Newest live house and music release information, Snap Shot Cruising, close pick up of bands personal activities

Oversea Shows and Events

Cure Magazine has been known for bringing Visual kei and Jrock bands oversea for shows and panel sessions for the past years including Riku (Chariots),Kuro(VelBet),GaGaaling at Anime Expo 2008, Kaya at PMX 2008, Dio & Sugar at OniCon 2008 Texas, Auncia & Satsuki at Anime Expo 2009, ALSDEAD & Satsuki at Anime Vegas 2009, Born & Satsuki at Onicon 2009 Texas, MYM (Gagaaling) at Anime Boston 2010, SADIE Live at AM2 Los Angeles 2011, CELL at ANIME EXPO 2013, and Los Angeles VK and Idol Fest 2014.

The Official Cure Magazine Shop in Los Angeles, XENON has been providing U.S. fans to interact with bands through Livestream Q&A session events since August 2014. Well known bands including CELL, Diaura, Royz, DaizyStripper, Grieva, Lin -End of World Corruption, Arlequin, The Rhedoric, and Pentagon have been welcomed to the event.