Computer Bild is a German fortnightly computer magazine published by Axel Springer AG. It is published in nine countries, and is one of Europe's best selling computer magazines.

History and profile

Computer Bild was first published in 1996.[2][3] The Editor is Axel Telzerow who has held his position after February 2012, and his predecessor Hans-Martin Burr was in office after October 2006. Previously, the editor after the formation of the magazine was the magazine's founder Harald Kuppek, who left the position in December 2006.

In Germany Computer Bild is published on a fortnightly basis.[4] The magazine has a Polish edition which is part of Axel Springer AG via its subsidiary Axel Springer Polska.[5] It is adapted for each country in which it is published.


Computer Bild had a circulation of 1,057,000 copies in 2001.[4] Its Italian edition sold 36,082 copies in 2007.[6] The circulation of the magazine was 686,527 copies in 2010 in Germany.[7] Its circulation was 505,600 copies in Germany in 2012.[8]