Larry David Paciotti (born November 8, 1959) is an American gay pornographic film director. He appears as the drag-diva persona Chi Chi LaRue, which is also the directorial credit name of Lawrence David and Taylor Hudson, who direct bisexual, gay, and heterosexual porn films.[2] He does not direct in drag.[3]


"Chi Chi LaRue" began when Paciotti moved to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and began performing in drag as one-half of "The Weather Gals", a "hag drag" revue.[4] He and a friend moved to California and was hired by Catalina Video as an administrative assistant and publicist because of his knowledge of porn and the workings of the porn industry.[5] Even as a "DJ" ("DJ Paciotti"), Paciotti conducts most public business as "Chi Chi LaRue", and has a significant presence in the pornographic film industry moving up the line of responsibility and creativity so that he was soon directing high demand pornographic product.[4] LaRue has directed hundreds of gay porn films since 1988, mainly for Falcon Studios.[6] He now owns Catalina Video, a label under his umbrella company Channel 1 Releasing.[4]

In 2003, he began to divide his directorial time between: Vivid Video, where he gets along with much of the female talent, particularly Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.[6]

In March 2004, was preparing to leave to travel to London, to direct Taking Flight (the studios 2 part annual travelogue), but LaRue had a mild heart attack. Instead of abandoning the production, Falcon hired Chris Steele, the script's author to direct. In 2005, LaRue shot his last film for Falcon, called Heaven to Hell (the tale of an angel sexually tempted by the Devil and then cast into hell). It was the only movie to ever to be cast of Falcon exclusives.[6]

LaRue then divided his attention between Vivid Video; and his own Rascal Video.[6]

In 2006, LaRue announced that he would no longer produce films for Vivid Video because they were featuring actors and actresses having sex without condoms.[7]

In 2007, LaRue was chosen as one of Out magazine's Top 50 most influential people in the LGBT community.[4]

In August 2008, he directed the controversial bisexual film titled Shifting Gears. LaRue coined the term "straight-for-pay" (a play on word for "gay-for-pay"), to describe performer Blake Riley's first encounter with a woman.

In 2012, LaRue directed the music video for "Trouble" by RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Willam Belli, which premiered on Logo TV.[8]

In 2015, LaRue admitted himself into drug and alcohol treatment in Minnesota, feeling he was "near death", according to friend Kevin Molin. A account was set up for him on July 23, 2015.[9]


  • 1990 Dave Awards winner of Best Video and Best Director for "More of a Man" (All Worlds Video).
  • 1991 AVN award Best Director (Gay Video) – "The Rise" (as Taylor Hudson), Catalina Video.[10]
  • 1991 AVN Award Best Non-Sexual Performance–Bi, Gay, or Trans Video – "More of a Man", All Worlds Video.[10]
  • 1992 Gay Erotic Video Awards Best Director – "Songs in the Key of Sex", HIS Video (tied with Jerry Douglas, "Kiss-Off", All Worlds Video).
  • 1993 AVN Award Best Director (Gay Video) – "Songs in the Key of Sex", HIS Video.[10]
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Special Interest Video – "Chi Chi LaRue's Hardbody Video Magazine", Odyssey Men.
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Gender Bender – "Valley of the Bi Dolls", Catalina Video.
  • 1994 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Non-Sexual Role – "Revenge of the Bi-Dolls", Catalina Video.
  • 1995 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Director – "Idol Country", HIS Video.
  • 2000 Grabby Award winner of Best Director and Best Video.[12]
  • 2001 GayVN Award Best Director – "Echoes", Men of Odyssey.[10]
  • 2002 GayVN Award Best Director (Bisexual Video) – "Mile Bi Club", All Worlds Video.[10]
  • 2003 GayVN Award Best Director (with John Rutherford) – "Deep South: The Big and the Easy Part 1" and "Part 2", Falcon Studios.[10]
  • 2006 GayVN Award Best Director – "Wrong Side of the Tracks Part One" and "Part Two", Rascal Video.[10]
  • 2006 Grabby Award Best Director – "Wrong Side of the Tracks Part One" and "Part Two", Rascal Video.[14]
  • 2009 GayVN Award Trailblazer[10]
  • 2011 Cyber Socket "Best Personality"
  • 2012 Cyber Socket "Best Personality"