Cherie is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Cherie (singer), full name Cyndi Almouzni, French pop and dance singer. Also performed under the mononym Cyndi
  • Cherie Bennett (born 1960), American novelist, actress, director, playwright, newspaper columnist, singer and television writer
  • Cherie K. Berry, American politician from North Carolina
  • Cherie Blair, (born 1954), known professionally as Cherie Booth QC, British barrister practising in UK, wife of former prime minister Tony Blair
  • Cherie Chung (born 1960), Hong Kong film actress
  • Cherie Currie (born 1959), American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, and artist
  • Cherie DeCastro (1922–2010), one of The DeCastro Sisters, a female singing trio
  • Cherie Hausler (born 1973), Australian television presenter, journalist, food stylist and creative director
  • Cherie Johnson (born 1975), American film and television actress
  • Cherie Lunghi (born 1952), English film, television and theatre actress
  • Cherie Piper (born 1981), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cherie Priest (born 1975), American novelist and blogger
  • Cherie Roberts (born 1978), aka Kitana Jade, American model and photographer
  • Cherie Witter (born 1963), American model and Playboy Playmate (February 1985)

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