California Lawyer was a monthly legal magazine based in San Francisco, California.[2][3] The magazine was sent to every lawyer in the state.[4]

History and profile

California Lawyer was established in 1980.[5] The magazine was published on a monthly basis[5] and combined legal news, case commentary, and coverage of technology and business trends. Each issue included news, reviews, profiles and opinion.

Each spring, the magazine announced the recipients of the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year (C.L.A.Y.) awards, an accolade for California attorneys.[2][6] On September 30, 2015, the Daily Journal announced it was ceasing publication of California Lawyer and terminated its entire staff.[7] Although it was in the middle of accepting nominations for its 2015/2016 awards when it folded, the Daily Journal announcement did not include details about whether or not the awards would be granted or if the entire program would be terminated.