Bruna Surfistinha (Portuguese for "Little Surfer Bruna") is the pen name of Raquel Pacheco, a Brazilian former sex worker who attracted the attention of Brazilian media and television by publishing, in a blog, her sexual experiences with clients. Bruna explained in television programs that she was a normal girl, who had been adopted by a high/middle-class family but that at around the age of 17 she left her home and her family because of the traditional family oriented views of her father and to start to live by her own.

Bruna appeared in various television programs in Brazil and several periodicals and magazines. Her blog attracted more than 50,000 readers per day. She appeared in some pornographic films in Brazil.

In 2005, she released a book entitled O Doce Veneno do Escorpião (The Scorpion's Sweet Venom). In just over a month it sold over 30,000 copies in its third edition.[2] The book was translated into English and published by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2006. This book also inspired the 2011 Brazilian film Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl, starring Deborah Secco in the main role. In 2011, she also appeared in a Brazilian reality show called A Fazenda finishing as the second runner-up.