The ninth series of Britain's Got Talent began airing on ITV on 11 April 2015. Ant & Dec returned to present the main show on ITV, while Stephen Mulhern returned to present the spin-off show Britain's Got More Talent on ITV2. Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden returned for their respective ninth series on the judging panel, whilst Alesha Dixon and David Walliams returned for their fourth series.

Jules O'Dwyer and her dog Matisse won the competition. Magician Jamie Raven came second with Welsh choir Côr Glanaethwy in third, and dance act Old Men Grooving finishing fourth place. The result marked the second time that a dog act had won the whole competition (following Ashleigh & Pudsey in 2012).[2]

Judges and presenters

Series 9 Judges

After the conclusion of the eighth series on 7 June 2014, speculation began about who would return to the judging panel for series 9. On 8 June, it was reported that Simon Cowell might leave the panel.[3] David Walliams sparked rumours that he might not return.[4] Notwithstanding Amanda Holden announced on 31 October that she, Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Walliams would all return as judges for series 9.[5][6] On 16 January, ITV confirmed that Cowell, Holden, Dixon and Walliams would be returning for series 9.[7]

Ant & Dec returned to present the main show on ITV for their ninth series, while Stephen Mulhern continued to host the spin-off show Britain's Got More Talent on ITV2.

Golden buzzer

The golden buzzer returned for its second series. The first golden buzzer used was by Ant & Dec at the Edinburgh auditions for dance troupe Boyband. Cowell pressed the golden buzzer on the first day of the Manchester auditions for singer Calum Scott. Holden used her buzzer throughout the Birmingham auditions for choir Revelation Avenue. Dixon used hers throughout the first day of the London auditions for dance act Entity Allstars, leaving just Walliams who confirmed via Twitter that he used his Golden Buzzer on the last day of auditions in London for a comedy singer, Lorraine Bowen.

The first golden buzzer aired in the first episode, when Cowell pressed it in Manchester for Calum Scott. The second golden buzzer was aired in the second episode, when Ant and Dec pressed it in Edinburgh for BoyBand. Holden's golden buzzer for Revelation Avenue aired throughout the third episode. Dixon's golden buzzer for Entity Allstars aired throughout the fifth episode. Finally, Walliams's golden buzzer for Lorraine Bowen happened in the sixth episode.

Calum Scott won his semi-final, earning a spot in the finals. Entity Allstars were third but won the judges' vote to advance to the final. Revelation Avenue and Boyband were additionally third but lost the judges' vote. Both acts were possible wildcard picks, but only Boyband won a wildcard, securing a place in the final. Lorraine Bowen was eliminated in the semi-finals.


Every week the auditions show aired from 8.00pm until 9.15/9.20pm.

Open auditions

The open auditions were held from 11 October to 9 December 2014 in Newcastle, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Leeds, Dublin, Norwich, Glasgow, Bristol, London and Manchester.[8]

Judges auditions

The judges auditions were held in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London.[9] Auditions began in Edinburgh on 19 January and were held at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, followed by Manchester from 29–31 January at The Lowry. Auditions took place in Birmingham from 5–7 February 2015 at Birmingham Hippodrome and ended in London from 11–12 & 14 February 2015 at the Dominion Theatre.

Edinburgh19 January 2015Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Manchester29–31 January 2015The Lowry
Birmingham5–7 February 2015Birmingham Hippodrome
London11–12 February 2015Dominion Theatre
14 February 2015


The semi-finalists were chosen on 8 March 2015.

Each results show will feature a guest performance. Ricky Martin performed on 25 May, followed by 2014 finalists Jack Pack on 26 May. Dixon performed on 27 May, followed by Olly Murs on 28 May and 2014 winners Collabro on 29 May.


  Third place
  Semi-finalist (lost judges' or public vote)
Wildcard (previously eliminated act reinstated into the final)
Public wildcard (Winner of Public Vote)
Golden buzzer
Name of actAge(s)GenreActSemi-finalResult
Alison Jiear50SingingSinger2s8Eliminated
Andrew Fleming51ComedyImpressionist1s8Eliminated
Beat Brothers19-23DanceTap dance troupe5s6Eliminated
Becky O'Brien34SingingSinger1s6Eliminated
Billy and Emily England28 & 25VarietyExtreme roller-skating duo1s7Eliminated
Bonetics17GymnasticsContortionist dancer2s5Eliminated
Boyband 17-19DanceDance troupe4f12Finalist (won judges' wildcard)
Calum Scott 26SingingSinger56Finalist (won public vote)
Chloe Louise Crawford27MagicIllusionist5s8Eliminated
Cor Glanaethwy7-65SingingWelsh choir13Third place
Danny Posthill28ComedyStand-up comedian/impressionist57Finalist (won judges vote)
Dylan Byrd17DanceDancer3s8Eliminated
Ella Shaw18SingingSinger-songwriter/pianist3s7Eliminated
Emma Jones23SingingOpera singer5s5Eliminated
Entity Allstars 10-15DanceDance troupe1f11Finalist (won judges' vote)
Gracie Wickens-Sweet11SingingSinger3s5Eliminated
Groove Thing7-11Dance70s dance troupe2s4Eliminated
Henry Gallagher12SingingSinger-songwriter/guitarist1pw2Eliminated (lost judges' vote)
IMD Legion9-17DanceDance troupe3pw5Eliminated (lost judges' vote)
Isaac Waddington15SingingSinger/pianist45Finalist (won public vote)
Jamie Raven31MagicClose-up magician32Runner-up
Jeffrey Drayton73MagicMagical entertainer4s8Eliminated
Jesse-Jane McParland 9VarietyExtreme martial artist58Finalist (won public wildcard)
Jonathan Lutwyche15DanceContemporary dancer5s4Eliminated
Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse49 & 7AnimalMusical canine freestyle21Winner
Lisa Sampson35VarietyHula-hoop artist4s7Eliminated
Lorraine Bowen 53SingingSinger-songwriter, comedian1s4Eliminated
Luca Calo23DanceDancer2s9Eliminated
Maia Gough13SingingSinger4s6Eliminated
Marc Metral61ComedyVentriloquist dog act4s4Eliminated
Michael Late44MagicComedic illusionist2s7Eliminated
Misstasia22-24SingingGirl group5s7Eliminated
Mitch & Cally the Wonderdog42 & 10AnimalBalloon-popping dog act1s5Eliminated
Narinder Dhani43VarietyComb player3s9Eliminated
OK Worldwide19-28GymnasticsAcrobatic troupe4s9Eliminated
Old Men Grooving40-60DanceDance troupe24Finalist (won judges' vote)
Peter Lambert32VarietyCircus performer5s9Eliminated
Revelation Avenue 20-30SingingGospel choir2pw3Eliminated (lost judges' vote)
Ruby Red Performers25-64DanceBurlesque dance troupe1s9Eliminated
The Honeybuns22-33SingingGirl group2s6Eliminated
The Kanneh-Masons9-18VarietyClassical musicians4s5Eliminated
The Kingdom Tenors21-31SingingVocal harmony group3s4Eliminated
The Neales24-59SingingVocal group49Finalist (won judges' vote)
The Sakyi Five10-20SingingBoy band3s6Eliminated
UDI19-32DanceElectronic light dance troupe3f10Finalist (won judges' vote)

Semi-finals summary

Buzzed out
Judges' vote
  Won the public vote
  Won the judges' vote (or public vote if split decision)
  Lost the judges' vote (or public vote if split decision)

Semi-final 1 (25 May)

ContestantOrderActBuzzes and judges' votesFinishedPercentage[11]Result
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Entity Allstars1Street dance troupe3rd12.8%Top 3 (won judges' vote)
Billy and Emily England2Extreme roller-skating stunt performers7th7.6%Eliminated
Mitch & Cally the Wonderdog3World record attempters: Balloon popping dog5th11.5%Eliminated
Henry Gallagher4Singer-songwriter/guitarist2nd17.5%Top 3 (lost judges' vote)
Côr Glanaethwy5Operatic choir1st21.9%Top 3 (won public vote)
Ruby Red Performers6Burlesque dance troupe9th2.5%Eliminated
Andrew Fleming7Impressionist8th2.5%Eliminated
Becky O'Brien8Singer6th11.4%Eliminated
Lorraine Bowen9Comedy singer-songwriter/keyboardist4th12.3%Eliminated

Semi-final 2 (26 May)

ContestantOrderActBuzzes and judges' votesFinishedPercentage[11]Result
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Groove Thing170s dance troupe4th7.2%Eliminated
Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse2Dog act1st29.3%Top 3 (won public vote)
Bonetics3Contortionist dancer5th6.2%Eliminated
Revelation Avenue4Gospel choir3rd16.3%Top 3 (lost judges' vote)
The HoneyBuns5Singing/harmony group6th5.3%Eliminated
Michael Late6Comedy illusionist7th4.5%Eliminated
Luca Calò7Singer/dancer9th1.4%Eliminated
Alison Jiear8Singer8th2.7%Eliminated
Old Men Grooving9Comedy dance act2nd27.1%Top 3 (won judges' vote)
  • The judges' vote was a split decision. Old Men Grooving were announced to have received more public votes and was sent through to the final.

Semi-final 3 (27 May)

ContestantOrderActBuzzes and judges' votesFinishedPercentage[11]Result
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
The Sakyi Five1Boy band6th8.0%Eliminated
UDI2Electronic light act2nd12.4%Top 3 (won judges' vote)
Dylan Byrd3Dancer8th3.8%Eliminated
Ella Shaw4Singer-songwriter7th7.4%Eliminated
Gracie Wickens-Sweet5Singer5th10.0%Eliminated
IMD Legion6Street dance troupe3rd11.6%Top 3 (lost judges' vote)
Narinder Dhani7Comb "playing" "musician"9th2.3%Eliminated
The Kingdom Tenors8Operatic singing/harmony group4th10.8%Eliminated
Jamie Raven9Close-up magician1st33.7%Top 3 (won public vote)
  • The judges' vote was a split decision. UDI were announced to have received more public votes and was sent through to the final.

Semi-final 4 (28 May)

ContestantOrderActBuzzes and judges' votesFinishedPercentage[11]Result
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Ok Worldwide1Acrobats/dancers9th1.3%Eliminated
Lisa Sampson2Hula-hoop artist7th5.1%Eliminated
The Kanneh-Masons3Classical band5th12.1%Eliminated
The Neales4Singing group2nd17.6%Top 3 (won judges vote)
Maia Gough5Singer6th8.0%Eliminated
Jeffrey Drayton6Magician/entertainer8th3.1%Eliminated
Marc Metral7Ventriloquist/dog act4th16.6%Eliminated
Isaac Waddington8Singer/pianist1st18.6%Top 3 (won public vote)
Boyband9Dance act3rd17.6%Top 3 (lost judge's vote)

Semi-final 5 (29 May)

ContestantOrderActBuzzes and judges' votesFinishedPercentage[11]Result
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Beat Brothers1Tap dance act6th6.5%Eliminated
Chloe Louise Crawford2Illusionist8th2.5%Eliminated
Peter Lambert3Circus stunt performer9th1.1%Eliminated
Jonathan Lutwyche5Contemporary dancer4th13.9%Eliminated
Emma Jones6Opera singer5th11.5%Eliminated
Danny Posthill7Impressionist2nd20.3%Top 3 (Won Judges Vote)
Jesse-Jane McParland8Extreme martial artist3rd14.3%Top 3 (Lost Judges Vote)
Calum Scott9Singer1st25.6%Top 3 (Won Public Vote)
  • The judges' vote was a split decision. Danny Posthill was announced to have received more public votes and was sent through to the final.

Final (31 May)

The final took place on 31 May from 7.30pm until 10.00pm.

It was announced throughout the semi-final 5 results show that the public would be able to choose a wildcard from the acts that lost judges' vote: Henry Gallagher, Revelation Avenue, IMD Legion, Boyband and Jesse-Jane McParland.[2] It was revealed at the beginning of the show that McParland had been chosen as the viewers' wildcard, whilst Boyband were the judges' wildcard.

Wildcard vote

Henry Gallagher2nd19.2%
Revelation Avenue3rd19.0%
IMD Legion5th9.7%
Jesse-Jane McParland1st33.3%

Final results

Entity Allstars1Street dance troupe11th1.7%
UDI2Electronic light act10th1.9%
The Neales3Singing group9th3.6%
Boyband4Dance act12th1.5%
Jesse-Jane McParland5Extreme martial artist8th4.2%
Danny Posthill6Impressionist7th5.3%
Calum Scott7Singer6th8.2%
Côr Glanaethwy8Operatic choir3rd10.7%
Old Men Grooving9Comedy dance act4th10.2%
Jamie Raven10Close-up magician2nd20.4%
Isaac Waddington11Singer/pianist5th9.7%
Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse12Dog act1st22.6%


The first six shows of series 9 held up a quite high consistency in the ratings and topped the ratings for series 8 on most occasions. The final, which aired on 31 May, became the most watched UK TV show of 2015, overtaking the record previously held by the third auditions show and the live thirtieth anniversary special episode of EastEnders.

EpisodeDateOfficial ITV rating[13]
Weekly rank[13]Share (%)Official ITV HD rating[14]
Official ITV +1 rating[14]
Total viewers (millions)
Auditions 111 April8.61143.2[2]2.020.6211.25
Auditions 218 April8.94144.1[2]1.950.5811.47
Auditions 325 April9.11146.3[2]2.200.5611.87
Auditions 42 May9.26145.0[2]1.860.5611.73
Auditions 59 May9.07145.1[2]1.950.6211.64
Auditions 616 May8.98147.0[2]1.980.5911.55
Auditions 723 May7.36135.2[3]1.620.379.35
Semi-final 125 May8.01337.8[22]1.770.4010.18
Semi-final 1 results6.211528.7[22]1.180.357.74
Semi-final 226 May7.451036.8[23]1.470.429.34
Semi-final 2 results6.151631.1[23]1.150.307.60
Semi-final 327 May7.65638.8[24]1.530.309.48
Semi-final 3 results6.501331.7[24]1.260.338.09
Semi-final 428 May7.321137.2[25]1.580.369.26
Semi-final 4 results6.611234.5[25]1.260.307.87
Semi-final 529 May7.55839.2[26]1.630.339.51
Semi-final 5 results6.261432.1[26]1.330.327.91
Live final31 May10.32146.6[3]2.070.3612.75
Series average20157.85N/A38.91.460.439.92


Lorraine Bowen

Army musician Leah Pettinger accused golden buzzer act Lorraine Bowen of plagiarism, claiming that she had written "The Crumble Song" when she was nine after she was inspired by her mother's interest in baking, and has the evidence. Pettinger threatened to take legal action, notwithstanding Bowen arguing that she had written the song herself and registered it under her name with the Performing Rights Society.[3]

Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon

Ofcom received complaints from viewers about judges Amanda Holden's and Alesha Dixon's low-cut dresses throughout the live broadcast, with viewers claiming that the dresses were unsuitable for a family show that started before the watershed.[3][3] A spokesman for Ofcom confirmed that these complaints would be assessed,[4] and the following month they concluded that both judges were appropriately covered and weren't portrayed in a sexualised manner.[4]

Andrew Fleming

In the first live semi-final, Dixon and Holden were accused of being too harsh on contestant Andrew Fleming when they described his act as "dated". Further controversy erupted after Cowell blamed the production of the programme for "allowing him to fail",[4][4] while fellow comic Bobby Davro stated that Fleming had been sold short by the producers.[4]

Marc Métral

Marc Métral was investigated by the RSPCA after claims of cruelty to his dog Miss Wendy. There were additionally complaints to ITV and to the regulatory body Ofcom. The complaints were made as the act involves the dog wearing a false mouth worn like a muzzle which Métral controls with a remote control, the animal charity was concerned that it might have caused the dog distress. Cowell asked the RSPCA to attend rehearsals to make sure the dog was treated correctly and he was told she was "happy and looked after well".[4][4]

The HoneyBuns

During the live semi-finals Cowell stated, whilst critiquing the performance of the girl band, The HoneyBuns, "We've got Little Mix, now we've got Big Mix". This was seen to be a direct jibe aimed at the weight of the various members of the group, and raised anger on social media.[4]

Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse

During an interview the morning after the final, O'Dwyer told that the tightrope section of their final's routine was done by Chase, one of her additional dogs, and not Matisse. Both dogs partook in the semi-finals, so viewers were aware that the pair looked quite similar and that O'Dwyer had trained multiple dogs. During the finals, Matisse and Chase were never seen on the stage at the same time, so a large number of viewers didn't realise Chase was included in the act. Some viewers felt that they were misled or tricked after they assumed Matisse performed the tightrope trick.[4][4] The show's producers apologised saying that "Jules' act involves a team of dogs" and "[they] are sorry if this wasn't made clearer".[5][5] Cowell had been unaware of the switch and reportedly launched an investigation.[5][5] At least 800 complaints were received by Ofcom and 130 by ITV.[5][5]