Brigitta Bulgari (29 September 1982),[2] is a Hungarian pornographic actress and fashion model.


Bulgari grew up athletic, competing in triathlons from age 15 to 19. She started modelling throughout her first year of college, where she was studying to become a lawyer. She left college in Budapest three years before graduation and went to Milan, Italy to model. She was approached with an offer to perform in an adult film throughout a photo shoot in a gym.[4] Her first pornographic film was Fashion (2003), which additionally included her first sex scene with a woman.[5]

In October 2005, Bulgari gained publicity by streaking at an Italian football game between Piacenza and Catanzaro, clad only in briefs and a man's necktie.[6] She was arrested but ended up posing for a naked picture with a police officer.[4]

Bulgari works in Milan and Rome, Italy, and lives in Budapest, Hungary. She owns two cats and a dog.[4] She speaks English and Italian in addition to her native language, Hungarian.[2] She is additionally a testimonial model for Italian clothes company NO.LI.TA.[5] Bulgari was Penthouse Pet of the Month in May 2004[7] and Playmate of the Year for 2004 in Hungary. She won the Eroticline Award in 2005 for Best International Newcomer.[9][11]

In June 2010, Bulgari was charged by prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, the Perugia prosecutor who was additionally involved in the prosecution of Amanda Knox, with performing obscene acts in the presence of minors by allowing teens to grope her throughout a show at a nightclub in Perugia, Italy.[12][13] Video shot from a camera phone reportedly showed 15-year-old boys touching her breasts throughout the performance. Her solicitor criticised the fact that she was remanded on the charges, but, "the owner of the disco, who employed her and let the young boys in was set free."[14] Bulgari was acquitted in October 2011 and stated that she was "just trying to make a living" and that she "felt like Amanda Knox", pointing out that their two cases involved the same prosecutor.[12] She additionally said that she would seek monetary damages against Mignini for "muddying her name" and planned to write a book about her experiences in prison.[12]