Brent Everett (born February 10, 1984, in Saskatchewan, Canada),[2] born as Dustin Germaine, is a Canadian gay pornographic film actor and director. Since 2003,[3] he has appeared in over 40 pornographic films for a variety of studios in the United States.

Everett became a popular model for adult magazines. In September 2003, he appeared as the centerfold model in Freshmen magazine, and later had many appearances as a model in Playguy magazine. He became popular in Europe appearing in PREF mag in 2007 titled "Brent Everett, le fils caché de Madonna". In an interview with the magazine, he addressed the issue of appearing in bareback films.[26]

In 2012, Everett co-starred with Michael Serrato in Killian Wells music video "STRFKR". It was released through Wells' Inferno Records. Everett said he chose to be in the music video as he liked Wells' work and couldn't pass up the chance to work with him.[8]

Personal life

In September 2008, Everett made public his plans to marry fellow gay porn star Steve Peña in a ceremony to take place in San Diego, California, in October. They were wed in a private ceremony on October 3, 2008.[3][10]

In November 2017, Steve Pena announced via his Instagram that he and Brent would be separating. The two were known to be in an open relationship throughout their marriage.

Awards and nominations

  • Winner: Cybersocket Web Award - Surfers Choice - Best Pornstar (2012) .[12]
  • Winner: Grabby - Best Performer of the Year (2011)[13][14]
  • Winner: Grabby - Best Actor - Grand Slam (2011)[13][14]
  • Winner: Gayvn Award - Fan Favorite 2010 (2010) .[7]
  • Winner: Gayvn Award - Best pornstar website (2010) .[7]
  • Winner: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Live XXX Show (2009) .[12]
  • Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Pornstar (2010)
  • Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Porn Blog (2010)
  • Nominated: GAYVN Awards - Best Sex Scene: SuperSoaked (2005)[9]
  • Nominated: GRABBY Awards - Best Duo Sex Scene: SuperSoaked (2006)

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