Boy Genius Report (also referred to as BGR) is a technology-influenced website that covers topics ranging from consumer gadgets, to entertainment, gaming, and science. Founded in October 2006 by anonymous web personality Boy Genius (also referred to as BG/BGR), the site was previously based on offering the public an early look at upcoming mobile phones and devices before anyone else. On April 27, 2010, BGR was acquired by Penske Media Corporation.[9]


BGR has been mentioned in many major news sources such as the Wall Street Journal blog, ABCNews,[5] Reuters,[16] Huffington Post,[7] and CNBC. Examples of BGR’s ability to be the first to report news about a gadget include the first pictures of the Android 2.0 mobile operating system in 2009[17] and the first reported picture of the Amazon Kindle 2 in 2008.[10]

BGR currently reaches over 11 million uniques visitors a month[2] However, BGR has been criticized for having a clear pro-Apple bias, going as far as belittling Android phones and pushing their extreme Apple agenda for petty reasons. It is also abundantly clear that their content is simply "borrowed" from other websites and virtually no original content is produced by the site's writing staff.

Boy Genius

While running BGR, Boy Genius kept his identity concealed. On April 27, 2010, Boy Genius revealed himself as Jonathan Geller, a 23-year-old Greenwich High School dropout who never attended college.[2][2] Geller chose to remain anonymous at first due to the marketing opportunities that being anonymous afforded him and his site; however when BGR joined Penske Media Corporation Geller decided it was best for both him and his site that he reveal himself as the site's founder and Editor in Chief. [2]

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