is a regional website that offers news and information about the Boston, Massachusetts area. was one of the first news websites on the public web, launched in late October 1995 by Boston Globe Electronic Publishing Inc., the Internet subsidiary of The Boston Globe. The domain name was purchased from the Boston-area cafe chain Au Bon Pain in exchange for print advertisements for charities chosen by Au Bon Pain's CEO.[2]

On September 12, 2011, the Boston Globe launched a separate site at that put most journalistic content from its print edition behind a paywall.[3] still offers local news, sports, weather and leisure.[4]

in September 2012, launched a new section, "the Hive", that covers innovation and new technologies created by Boston area companies and beyond. The site blends content from and the Boston Globe's newsroom, and selects content from other experts on the web. The content is curated and appears in a media stream that constantly refreshes on the Hive's homepage.

The site also maintains mobile applications to connect readers with news stories featured on the website.[5][6]

The site's editor is Kaitlyn Johnston. Reporters include Megan Turchi, Adam Vaccaro, and Roberto Scalese.


In June 2012, The Boston Globe announced plans for an online alternative rock station for the website, shortly after the announced sale and cease of terrestrial broadcasting of long-time Boston alternative station WFNX.[7] The station later hired former WFNX DJs Adam 12, Julie Kramer, Paul Driscoll, and Henry Santoro.[7] The station, RadioBDC, launched on August 13, 2012.[8]