Bill Aulet is the Managing Director of the at MIT[2] as well as a senior lecturer at the .[3] He is additionally the author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup.


Aulet teaches , , and Applications of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques, in addition to running the , which supports student entrepreneurship education inside and outside the classroom across all five schools at .[4] Since Aulet became Managing Director in 2009, he has conceived, designed and overseen the implementation of numerous innovative programs, from new courses (, Entrepreneurial Product Marketing and Development, , Applications of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques) and student initiatives (, ) to accelerators (, ) and thought leadership initiatives ( or ).[5] His work has won numerous awards; most recently, in April 2013, Aulet was awarded the .[6] In December 2013, Bill was recognised by BostInno as one of the

Prior to joining , Aulet had a 25-year track record of success in business, having directly raised more than $100 million in funding for his companies and led the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars in market value in those companies. After working for 11 years at , he was named an , taking part in a one-year accelerated master’s programme in management. Upon graduating, he became a serial entrepreneur, running two MIT spinouts as the president/chief executive officer (Cambridge Decision Dynamics and SensAble Technologies). The latter became a two-time t. With a presence in over 20 countries, SensAble additionally won more than 24 awards and was featured in , , , and a large number of additional publications for its innovative products and strong business foundation.

In 2003, he was recruited as chief financial officer to co-lead a turnaround of security technology company Viisage Technology. During his tenure of two and a half years, and in a resource-constrained environment, Viisage developed a new strategy, overhauled its operations, made three major acquisitions, and executed two major fundraising rounds; as a result, its market value increased from $50 million to over $500 million.

His writings on entrepreneurship have been published by , , , , the Kauffman Foundation, , and the .[7][8][2][2][2]

Personal life

A former professional basketball player, Aulet lives in Belmont, Massachusetts with his wife; they have four grown sons. Aulet holds a bachelor’s in engineering from and an SM from the .


Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup (2013). Disciplined Entrepreneurship has been translated to Chinese (Orthodox and Simplified versions), Japanese, Korean (where it was a best seller and named one of the top Economics & Business books of 2014 by the prestigious ) and Russian with plans for Arabic (Spring 2015), Spanish (March 2015), Croatian, Polish, Swedish and Thai as of January 2015. It has additionally been the basis of a series of highly successful MIT edX online classes and with more planned in the future.