Basler Zeitung (literally: "Basler Newspaper"), or BaZ, is a Swiss German-language regional daily newspaper, published in Basel.

History and profile

Basler Zeitung was created in 1977 through the merger of the Basler Nachrichten and the National-Zeitung. The paper has its headquarters in Basel[2] and the Basel canton.[3]

The newspaper is owned by the Basler Zeitung Medien which also publishes the free daily newspaper Baslerstab. The shareholders of Basler Zeitung are Tito Tettamanti (75%) and Martin Wagner (25%)[4]

In 1997 Basler Zeitung had a circulation of 115,297 copies.[3] The circulation of the paper was 104,000 copies in 2003.[5] The 2006 circulation of the daily was 98,645 copies.[6]