Axtone Records is a Swedish record label, founded in 2005 by Swedish DJ and record producer Axwell. It originally began in 2005 as an imprint to release Axwell's own material, however in recent years has expanded and signed many producers.[2][3]

Axtone Publishing

Established in 2010, Axtone Music Publishing formed a joint venture with Universal Music Publishing in a deal that utilises the A&R skills of Axtone backed with the global reach & infrastructure of Universal. Axtone Music publishes Thomas Gold exclusively along with individual titles signed to Axtone Records and many other labels in dance music.[4]

Axtone Management

Axtone Management was set up to oversee the global careers of its signed artists. The management roster currently includes Hard Rock Sofa, Shapov, and NEW ID.


Standard releases

YearArtistFeaturedReleaseTypeRelease dateCatalogue
2005Axwell & Sebastian IngrossoMichael FeinerTogetherEP23 May 2005AXT001
AxwellSteve EdwardsWatch The SunriseEP23 May 2005AXT002
AxwellSteve EdwardsWatch The Sunrise (Remixes)EP8 Dec 2005AXT002R
2007AxwellMax'CI Found UEP16 May 2007AXT003
AxwellMax'CI Found U (Remixes)EP16 May 2007AXT003R
Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Salem Al FakirIt's TrueEP9 Jul 2007AXT004
Dirty SouthRudyLet It GoEP27 Sep 2007AXT005
AxwellSubmarinerSingle27 Sep 2007AXT001DG
2008Dirty SouthRudyLet It Go (Remixes)EP1 Sep 2008AXT005R
TV RockRudyBeen A Long TimeEP12 Jun 2008AXT006
Axwell & Dirty SouthRudyOpen Your HeartEP9 Jul 2008AXT007
Abel Ramos & Miss MelodyRotterdam City Of LoveEP12 Nov 2008AXT008
2009Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback LukeDeborah CoxLeave The World BehindEP1 Apr 2009AXT009
Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback LukeDeborah CoxLeave The World Behind (Remixes)EP29 Jun 2009AXT009R
Denis The Menace & Big WorldThe First RebirthEP16 Jul 2009AXT011
AxwellErrol ReidFeel The VibeEP16 Jul 2009AXT002DG
Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback LukeDeborah CoxLeave The World Behind (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. SHM Dark Forest Edit)Single19 Sep 2009AXT009R2
TV RockRudyIn The AirEP13 Oct 2009AXT010
2010Various ArtistsAxwell Presents Axtone Acapellas Volume 1EP4 Jan 2010AXT012D
Prok & Fitch Pres. Nanchang NancyWalk With MeEP8 Mar 2010AXT013
Adrian LuxTeenage CrimeEP28 Jun 2010AXT014
AxwellErrol ReidNothing But LoveEP12 Sep 2010AXT015
Matt Caseli & Danny FreakazoidSign Your Name (Across My Heart)EP4 Oct 2010AXT016
2011Matt Caseli & Danny FreakazoidSign Your Name (Across My Heart) (Remixes)EP4 Oct 2010AXT016R
Hard Rock Sofa & St. BrothersBlow UpEP14 Feb 2011AXT017
David TortGoshaOne LookEP21 Mar 2011AXT018
AxwellHeart Is KingSingle18 Apr 2011AXT019
Matt Caseli & Danny FreakazoidRaise Your HandsSingle23 May 2011AXT020
Michael CalfanResurrectionSingle5 Dec 2011AXT021
2012Ivan Gough & FeenixpawlGeorgi KayIn My Mind (Axwell Remix)Single30 Jan 2012AXT022
Hard Rock SofaQuasarSingle27 Feb 2012AXT023
Arty, Matisse & SadkoTrioSingle19 Mar 2012AXT024
Thomas GoldSing2MeSingle19 Apr 2012AXT025
Henrik B & RudyLeave A Light OnEP7 May 2012AXT026
Miike SnowThe Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)Single7 May 2012AXT028
Various ArtistsAxtone Presents Thomas GoldCompilation3 June 2012AXT027BD
Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky TunesHere We GoSingle23 July 2012AXT029
The Aston Shuffle vs Tommy TrashSunrise (Won't Get Lost)Single11 Nov 2012AXT030
DiscopolisCommitted To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix)Single17 Oct 2012AXT031
2013Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeWakandaSingle4 Feb 2013AXT032
Hard Rock SofaRasputinSingle11 Mar 2013AXT033
DiscopolisFalling (Committed To Sparkle Motion)EP5 May 2013AXT034
DiscopolisFalling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) (CLMD Remix)Single5 May 2013AXT034R
AxwellCenter Of The Universe (Remode)Single30 May 2013AXT035
AxwellCenter Of The UniverseEP10 June 2013AXT035
Marcus SchössowReverieSingle12 July 2013AXT036
Don Diablo & Matt NashStarlight (Could You Be Mine)Single26 July 2013AXT037
Marcus SchössowReverie (Michael Calfan Remix)Single12 Aug 2013AXT036R
DiscopolisFalling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) (CLMD Remix)Single5 May 2013AXT034R
KryderAphroditeSingle2 Sep 2013AXT038
Sick Individuals & AxwellTaylr ReneeI AMEP16 Sep 2013AXT039
Don Diablo & Matt NashStarlight (Could You Be Mine) (Otto Knows Remix)EP30 Sep 2013AXT037R
AxwellCenter Of The Universe (Blinders Remix)Single30 Sep 2013AXT035R
Thomas GoldKaelyn BehrRememberSingle28 Oct 2013AXT040
2014Deniz KoyuRubySingle20 Jan 2014AXT041
Mutiny UK & Steve MacNate JamesFeel The Pressure (Axwell & NEW ID Remix)Single31 Mar 2014AXT042
Hard Rock Sofa & SkidkaArms Around MeSingle14 Apr 2014AXT043
Hook N SlingKarin ParkTokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)Single28 Apr 2014AXT044
Kraak & SmaakStee DownesHow We Gonna Stop The Time (NEW ID Remix)Single16 Jun 2014AXT045
The Aston ShuffleTear It Down (NEW ID Remix)Single4 Aug 2014AXT046
Deniz KoyuTo The SunSingle8 Sep 2014AXT047
Hard Rock Sofa & SkidkaArms Around Me (Chocolate Puma Remix)Single22 Sep 2014AXT043R
DubVision & FeenixpawlDestinationSingle06 Oct 2014AXT048
NEW IDAerogamesSingle03 Nov 2014AXT049
KölschTroels AbrahamsenAll That Matters (Kryder Remix)Single8 Dec 2014AXT050
Axwell Λ IngrossoSomething NewSingle18 Dec 2014AXT051
2015CamelPhatA*M*EParadigmSingle19 Jan 2015AXT052
Shapov & M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K.Shapov EPEP23 Feb 2015AXT053
Eddie ThoneickSolar (Deniz Koyu Mix)Single09 Mar 2015AXT054
Tom StaarBoraSingle30 Mar 2015AXT055
CamelPhatA*M*EParadigm (Amtrac's Temptation Mix)'Single06 Apr 2015AXT052R
Hard Rock Sofa & SkidkaArms Around Me (Tobtok Remix)Single13 Apr 2015AXT043T
Robbie RiveraShawnee TaylorFalling DeeperSingle27 Apr 2015AXT056
Shapov vs. AmersyVavilonSingle18 May 2015AXT057
CamelPhatA*M*EParadigm (Remixes)EP30 May 2015AXT052P
CamelPhatA*M*EParadigm (Shapov Remix)Single01 Jun 2015AXT052S
Deniz KoyuTo The Sun (Gazlind Remix)Single21 Jun 2015AXT047R
ShapovRunicSingle13 Jul 2015AXT058
CamelPhatEdenSiren SongSingle17 Aug 2015AXT059
Various ArtistsAxtone Acapellas Volume 2EP24 Aug 2015AXT060D
Shapov vs M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K.Everybody EPEP5 Oct 2015AXT061
Marcus SchössowAwareSingle19 Oct 2015AXT062
Axwell Λ IngrossoThis TImeSingle6 Nov 2015AXT063
CamelPhatEdenSiren Song (Remixes)EP13 Nov 2015AXT059R
Adrian LuxTorn Apart (Fehrplay Remix)Single20 Nov 2015AXT064F
Adrian LuxTorn ApartEP4 Dec 2015AXT064
Various ArtistsVarious ArtistsAxtone TenCompilation11 Dec 2015AXT065
2016KlahrLyon x Sapphire EPEP29 Jan 2016AXT066
Adrian LuxTorn Apart (As I Am & Klahr remixes)EP5 Feb 2016AXT064R
AxwellBarricadeSingle4 March 2016AXT067
ShapovFuture RaveSingle11 March 2016AXT068
Michael FeinerMantra (Axwell Cut)Single18 March 2016AXT069
M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K.EthnosSingle1 April 2016AXT070
Adrian LuxTorn Apart (Remixes Part II)EP15 April 2016AXT064L
As I AmJedd RobertsCloserEP22 April 2016AXT071Y
Robbie Rivera vs Tom StaarThe FunkatronSingle29 April 2016AXT072
Axwell Λ IngrossoDream BiggerSingle29 April 2016AXT073
Various ArtistsVarious ArtistsAxtone Acapellas Vol. 3EP13 May 2016AXT074
KryderCrocodile TearsSingle27 May 2016AXT075
Dave WinnelOld SchoolSingle10 June 2016AXT076
LennoSome Lovin'Single8 July 2016AXT077R
Axwell & ShapovBelongSingle5 August 2016AXT078
Michael FeinerMantra (The Remixes)EP12 August 2016AXT069R
MEG NERAKGet DownSingle9 September 2016AXT079E
Albin MyersWhat's The Time?Single30 September 2016AXT080E
Axwell & ShapovBelong (Remixes)EP7 October 2016AXT078B
Will KCafé LecheSingle21 October 2016AXT081E
Vlad LucanReverseSingle4 November 2016AXT082
KlahrEleven[6]Single5 December 2016AXT083
2017ShapovFour Corners EPEP10 February 2017AXT084
D.O.DSixesSingle24 February 2017AXT085
KlahrDreaming Wild EPEP31 March 2017AXT086
ShapovFour Corners (Remixes)EP26 May 2017AXT084R
Klahr & GalavantNatali NoorBoilingSingle9 June 2017AXT087
D.O.DUnforgettableSingle4 August 2017AXT088
Axwell Λ IngrossoMore Than You Know (Remixes)EP25 August 2017AXT094
Dave WinnelKazooSingle1 September 2017AXT089
Matt Nash & DelayersRunSingle15 September 2017AXT090
Antoine DelvigDisciplesSingle29 September 2017AXT091
Paul ParisMoses YorkMake Your Mind Up (Axwell & NEW ID Remode)Single06 October 2017AXT092
D.O.DInclineSingle13 October 2017AXT093
Will KSour MilkSingle27 October 2017AXT094