Auburn Lull is an American five-piece dream pop band from Lansing, Michigan , which formed in 1994. [2]


The band was founded in 1994 by guitarist/vocalist Sean Heenan, guitarists Jason Kolb and Eli Wekenman, and drummer Jason Wiesinger. The quintet came together out of its members' shared affection for bands like Seefeel , Flying Saucer Attack , earlier works from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark , along with many of the acts on the 4AD and Creation Records imprints. They later added bassist/guitarist Ron Gibbs.

In 1997, the Dearborn, Michigan label Burnt Hair Records released the Dual Group EP — a split recording with Auburn Lull and Mahogany . Auburn Lull's full-length debut, Alone I Admire , initially released on Burnt Hair in 1999, was later reissued by Darla Records in 2002. Belgian label Zeal Records released a limited-edition 2001 7" single, "Behind All Curses of Thought Lies the Ability to Focus on Vacant Spaces". Auburn Lull's second album, Cast from the Platform , was released in 2004. A rarities compilation, Regions Less Parallel , was issued in 2005, followed by their third album, Begin Civil Twilight , in 2008. The band released their fourth album, Hypha , on September 15, 2017 on the Azure Vista label.


Studio albums


  • Dual Group split with Mahogany (1997, Burnt Hair)
  • Hiber (2014, Geographic North)

Compilation albums

  • Regions Less Parallel: Early Works and Rarities 1996–2004 (2005, Darla)