Ari Stidham (born 22 August 1992 in Westlake Village, California) is an American actor, singer and composer. He is known for his role as Sylvester Dodd in the CBS series Scorpion


Ari Stidham was born 22 August 1992 in Westlake Village where he spent his adolescence. He now resides in Los Angeles to film his starring role the series Scorpion. He had a love of acting from a young age. His parents encouraged him to play sports, but he was much more interested in music and theatre.



He attended the prestigious American Conservatory Theater (ACT) in San Francisco.

He was first noticed by the creator of the series Huge, who granted him a place in the primary cast based on his talent with improvisation.

He played a small role in the short-lived series The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams.

Since 2014, he has played the role of mathematician Sylvester Dodd on the CBS series Scorpion.


He started playing the piano at 4 years old. He also learned to play the guitar and trumpet.

He is known in the music world under the name DrTelevision (DRTV.)



   2009 : Jack's Box: Ari   2010 : Election Day: Ari   2010 : The Green Family Elbow: Bully   2011 : Anyplace: Luke   2011 : Talon's Rant   2012 : Kidnap Party: officer on the phone   2016 : The Meme: Max Bloom


   2010 : Huge Ian Schonfeld   2010 : The Whole Truth : Erik (1x04)   2011 : Glee : A Young Drunk (2x14)   2013 : Mike and Molly : Henry (3x16)   2013 : The Crazy Ones : Ari / Member of the Crowd (1x11 - 1x02)   2015 : Con Man: a geek first class (3 episodes)   2014 -2016: Scorpion Sylvester Dodd