The Argus Leader is the daily newspaper of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is South Dakota's largest newspaper by circulation.


Despite dramatically falling numbers, the Argus Leader is South Dakota's largest newspaper in circulation. The weekday circulation for the newspaper as of September 30, 2007 was 48,466 down from 53,929 in 2006. The Sunday edition is also in decline. From July to September 2007 circulation of the Sunday edition fell from 69,767 to 67,943.

The newspaper and website's most recent style change happened in September 2006. The new goal is to bring more local coverage and allow readers to voice their opinions in an open format. To do this a new section of the paper was created called "Voices" in conjunction with the online "Your Voice"[3] section.

Along with the daily newspaper the Argus Leader owns smaller local papers in the region.

  • Brandon Valley Challenger
  • Dell Rapids Tribune

The newspaper also publishes an economic weekly, the Sioux Falls Business Journal, and a handful of magazines.

Controversy with Free Magazines

The paper and its parent company, Gannett, have been accused of seeking to restrict access to a number of local independent publications in order to improve the circulation of several of their own competing publications. The company has ostensibly asked or required vendors to sign contracts giving the paper control over what publications can be carried by the vendors, thus seeking to leverage their market position as the region's only daily newspaper to increase market share in other areas as well.