Anya is a feminine given name. It is also found as a surname.

Origins and variant forms

  • Anya (Аня) is a Russian diminutive of Anna, derived from Hannah which means "gracious" or "bringing goodness" in the original Hebrew language.
  • Ania is the spelling in Polish, which is also a diminutive of Anna.
  • The spelling Anja is common in Croatian, Norwegian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Slovenian, Macedonian and Serbian.
  • Áine is the Irish spelling of the name.
  • Anya in Sanskrit is either a word meaning "inexhaustibility" or a pronoun meaning "other" or "another person" (it also has this meaning in Hindi).
  • Aanya is a common spelling of this name in India.
  • Anya in Hungarian means mother (other forms: édesanya, anyu, anyuka, anyuci).
  • Inya along with 'mama' means mother in some sub-ethnic languages of the Luhya ethnic group of Kenya.
  • Anya means "eye" in the Igbo language of Nigeria.

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