Andy Sneap (born 18 July 1969) is a British musician, songwriter, guitar player and record producer, best known as a successful Grammy winning producer with over 100 albums produced at his Backstage Recording studios in rural Derbyshire and as guitar player of British heavy metal band Hell.[2] He is one of the most active and successful music producers in the metal music genre and has worked with bands such as Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Megadeth, Kataklysm, Kreator, Nevermore and Testament.[3][4][5]




Andy Sneap was born on 18 July 1969 in Belper, Derbyshire, England. He got his first guitar and amplifier from his parents at age 12 as a Christmas present. He started learning guitar with founding Hell member Dave Halliday, who had a huge effect on Andy and left him all the rights to all his songs and equipment in his will following his death.[6] Sneap joined a British heavy metal band called Hydra as the second guitarist when he was 15 years old. But two weeks later, the original guitarist and drummer quit, Simon Negus joined them, and the band's name changed to Sabbat.[2]

After disbanding Hydra and forming a new band, they chose Sabbat as the new name, which came from a book on witchcraft.[2] After one year of rehearsing, they recorded a four-track demo tape, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten. Sneap distributed the demo tape to many record companies, but on listening, Berlin-based recording company Noise Records showed interest and asked for more material. In 1987, Noise Records offered the band a recording contract, but the contract could not be signed until Sneap turned 18 years old in July 1987. So they made a plan to start recording the band's first full studio album, History of a Time to Come. Andy wrote all the music while Martin Walkyier was responsible for the lyrics.[8] Sabbat released the album on 20 April 1988 via Noise Records, which received positive attention from journalists and fans alike.

In January 1989 Sneap and the other band members entered Sky Trak Studio in Berlin to start recording their second album, Dreamweaver, which was a concept album based on the 1983 book by Brian Bates – The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer. Andy wrote almost all of the music except three songs, which Simon Jones also wrote with Andy. The album has come to be regarded as a classic of the thrash metal genre, which reflects Andy's predilection at that time for increasingly lengthy and progressively technical thrash metal songs.


As a band member

BandAlbum detailsRoleSource
SabbatHistory of a Time to Come
  • Label: Noise Records
  • Release date: 20 April 1988
Composer, Guitar, Remastering 
  • Label: Noise Records
  • Release date: 15 May 1989
Composer, Guitar, Remastering 
Mourning Has Broken
  • Label: Noise Records
  • Release date: 1991
Composer, Guitar 
HellHuman Remains
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 13 May 2011
Engineer, Guitar, Mixing, Producer[9]
Curse and Chapter
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 2013
Composer, engineer, Guitar, Mixing, Producer[6]

Selected production

YearAlbum detailsRoleSource
1994English DogsBow to None
  • Label: Impact Records
  • Release date: 1994
Assistant, Mixing[10]
1996Dearly Beheaded – TemptationEngineer[2]
1997ExodusAnother Lesson in ViolenceProducer[2]
Napalm DeathInside the Torn ApartMixing[2]
Machine HeadThe More Things Change
  • Release date: 25 March 1997
1998English DogsAll the World's a Rage
  • Label: Impact Records
  • Release date: 25 August 1998
Earth CrisisBreed the KillersAudio Engineer, Audio Production, engineer, Mixing, Producer[2]
1999TestamentThe Gathering
  • Label: Burnt Offerings, Spitfire (1999), Prosthetic (2008)
  • Release date: 28 June 1999
Engineer, Mixing[2]
2000NevermoreDead Heart in a Dead World
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 17 October 2000
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[2]
  • Label: Palm Pictures / Megaforce Records
  • Release date: 24 October 2000
Mastering, Mixing[2]
2001Testament – First Strike Still DeadlyAudio Engineer, Mixing[3]
KreatorViolent Revolution
  • Label: Steamhammer Records/SPV
  • Release date: 25 September 2001
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[3]
Arch EnemyWages of Sin
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 2 April 2001
Mastering, Mixing[3]
2002Killswitch EngageAlive or Just Breathing
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 21 May 2002
Mastering, Mixing[3]
Arch EnemyBurning Angel
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 6 March 2002
Mastering, Mixing[3]
  • Label: Koch, Music for Nations
  • Release date: 12 November 2002
MasterplanEnlighten Me
  • Label: AFM Records
  • Release date: 18 November 2002
Engineer, producer[3]
2003Arch EnemyAnthems of Rebellion
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 23 August 2003
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Pre-Production, Producer[3]
  • Label: Die Hard music
  • Release date: 15 April 2003
Masterplan – MasterplanEngineer, producer[3]
MTV2 Headbangers Ball
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 7 October 2003
Mixing, producer[4]
2004Blaze – Blood & Belief
  • Label: SPV/Steamhammer
  • Release date: 26 April 2004
Audio Engineer, Audio Production, engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Photography, Producer[4]
CalibanThe Opposite from Within
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 17 October 2004
Audio Engineer, Mastering, Mixing[4]
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 15 March 2005
Mastering, Mixing, Vocals[4]
SoulflyDark Ages
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 4 October 2005
Bullet for My ValentineHand of Blood
  • Label: Trustkill
  • Release date: 22 August 2005
Audio Production, Mastering[4]
2006Kerrang Album
  • Release date: 11 September 2006
Into EternityThe Scattering of Ashes
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 3 October 2006
Mixing, Mastering[4]
2007Rise to AddictionA New Shade of Black for the SoulAudio Production, engineer, Mixing, Producer[4]
OnslaughtKilling PeaceMixing, Producer[4]
  • Label: SPV/Steamhammer
  • Release date: 16 April 2007
Mixing, Producer[5]
MegadethUnited Abominations
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 15 May 2007
Audio Engineer, Audio Production, engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[5]
2008UnearthThe MarchMastering, Mixing[5]
2009Iron MonkeyOur Problem
  • Label: Earache
  • Release date: 26 May 2009
Engineer, Mixing, Producer[5]
DevilDriverPray for Villains
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • Release date: 14 July 2009
Guitar Producer, Mastering, Mixing, Mixing Advisor[5]
2010Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabraGuest Artist, Mixing[5]
AcceptBlood of the NationsEngineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[5]
SlayerThe Big Four: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Label: Warner Bros. (U.S.), Vertigo/Mercury (Europe)
  • Release date: 29 October 2010
2011Arch EnemyKhaos Legions
  • Label: Century Media
  • Release date: 30 May 2011
Mastering, Mixing[5]
2012TestamentDark Roots of Earth
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 27 July 2012
Additional Footage, engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[5]
Accept – Stalingrad
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 6 April 2012
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Producer[51]
  • Label: UDR
  • Release date: 1 March 2013
Mastering, Mixing[52]
CarcassSurgical Steel
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 13 September 2013
Mastering, Mixing[53]
XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner RecordsMixing, Producer[54]
2014Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Life
  • Label: Rhino
  • Release date: 25 March 2014 (Japan), 31 March 2014
AcceptBlind Rage
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 15 August 2014
Mastering, Mixing, Producer[11]
2015Fear FactoryGenexus
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Release date: 7 August 2015
Mastering, Mixing[11]
2018Judas PriestFirepowerProducer[61]