Android Central is a website that covers the Android operating system, from news to reviews, editorials and podcasts, to the social community. Android Central also covers Google in general, as well as Chromecast, Google Glass, Android TV, Android Auto, Android Wear, and Chrome OS. As of June 2015, according to SimilarWeb, Android Central receives over 25 million visits per month globally.[2] Traffic often increases during Android events and device announcements.


Android Central was launched by Smartphone Experts (now Mobile Nations) in September 2008 under the guidance of Dieter Bohn (now with The Verge), with Casey Chan (now with Gizmodo) at the helm. A little more than a year later, current Editor in Chief Phil Nickinson left an 11-year career with a daily newspaper in Pensacola, Fla., to head Android Central full-time. The site saw exponential growth alongside Android and soon became a go-to resource for scoops, reviews,videos and podcasts.[3] Android Central’s numerous exclusives have included the first look at the 2013 Nexus 7 tablet,[4] and the almost-never-released HTC Merge (canceled by Verizon).[5]

Android Central was the official community partner of the inaugural Samsung Developers Conference in November 2013 in San Francisco.

Android Central has appeared on ABC News,[6] the Palm Beach Post, the BBC,[7] WCPO Cincinnati,[8] The Verge,[9] The Guardian [2]

Current Editors

  • Phil Nickinson (editor-in-chief)
  • Alex Dobie (managing editor, Europe)
  • Jerry Hildenbrand (managing editor, U.S.)