Andrew Gerald Hales, known as Andrew Hales is an American YouTube personality and filmmaker whose main YouTube channel named LAHWF has videos featuring hidden-cameras of pranks and comedy social interactions. As of September 18, 2016, his channel has more than 294 million views and more than 2 million subscribers. Videos on his second YouTube channel named LAHWFextra, where he releases extra footage from his main videos and also posts vlogs, have more than 35 million views.

Early life

Hales was born on May 20, 1990 in Ithaca, New York in a Mormon family but no longer practices the religion. His father, as a pharmaceutical salesman, moved their family from New York to New Hampshire and then to Bountiful. Although he grew up in multiple places, he calls Utah his home state. He attended Utah Valley University for 3 years.


Hales started filming videos for his channel at UVU, but had to leave and go to other places such as BYU because people started to recognize him. He has filmed videos around the globe as well as cities around the United States, such as New York, Los Angeles, Colorado, Idaho, Miami, London, Rome, Amsterdam, and Chengdu in China. He paid for school using money earned from his videos.

Hales has collaborated with other notable YouTubers such as Stuart Edge, BigDawsTv, Luke Donohue and his sister Jaclyn Hales.


LAHWF, the name of Hales's YouTube channel, stands for "losing all hope was freedom," which is a quote from the movie Fight Club which is originally from the novel of the same name by American novelist Chuck Palahniuk.

Macklemore Look-alike

On October 28, 2013, Hales released a video which was recorded during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's tour stop at Utah's Maverik Center where he wears a hoodie and sunglasses and pretends to be Macklemore and starts pranking people. Later on, Macklemore reacted to this prank on Twitter.


In an episode of Hales channel, he posts parody of staged/fake prank videos under the title of DumbPranksTV where the other YouTube personalities may or may not use hired actors/actresses to create a viral video.