Season ten of the reality competition series America's Got Talent was the 10th anniversary of the reality series and premiered on May 26, 2015.[2] It concluded on September 16, 2015. Nick Cannon returned as host for his seventh season. Howie Mandel returned for his sixth season as judge while Howard Stern returned for his fourth and final season. Mel B and Heidi Klum both returned for their third season on the judging panel.

On July 29, the show aired a special two-hour tenth anniversary retrospective episode. The series returned to Radio City Music Hall in New York for the live shows, which began Tuesday, August 11.[3]

Stern announced on his radio show that this season would be his last season as a judge due to a busy work schedule.[5]

Dunkin' Donuts replaced Snapple as sponsor of the show after three seasons. Four guest judges were invited to judge during the judge's cuts; actor Neil Patrick Harris, singer Michael Bublé, actor Marlon Wayans and former judge Piers Morgan. Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin was voted the winner for the season on September 16, 2015. Comedian Drew Lynch was the runner-up, and magician Oz Pearlman came in at third place.


Among the changes for the season are more extreme acts, an enhanced Golden Buzzer, and new elements in the boot camp round. The live shows began on Tuesday, August 11 and the later rounds returned to Radio City Music Hall.[2]

Some auditions were held outdoors to showcase big danger acts. Acts both in the theater and outdoors were filmed in the Fairplex in Pomona, California.[2]

The Golden Buzzer was also enhanced this year with an act going straight through to the live shows should a judge hit the buzzer (the same format as that of Britain's Got Talent, rather than a free pass to boot camp in the previous season). Like the previous season, the Golden Buzzer could only be used once by each judge and by each guest judge.

The enhanced bootcamp round began Tuesday, July 14, to determine which acts would become a part of the Top 36 to perform for America's vote. Unlike previous seasons, the live shows will only feature 36 acts instead of the normal 48. The bootcamp round also lasted several weeks compared with just one week in previous seasons.[2] Celebrity guest judges were featured to assist the regular judges with their decision, including Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Buble, Piers Morgan, and Marlon Wayans.[6][7]

A special two hour retrospective aired on July 29 this season to celebrate the ten years of AGT. The show featured some of the best acts of the series, the most heartwarming stories, the oddest personalities, and the biggest show-stopping moments from the last 10 years, as well as updates on what some of these acts are currently doing.[2]

Preliminary auditions

Producer auditions began on November 2, 2014 in Tampa, Florida. Other auditions sites include Nashville, Richmond (New York), Chicago, St. Louis, San Antonio, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Seattle, Boise, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Online auditions were also accepted.[8] Auditions in front of the judges were held March 2–9 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. They continued at the Manhattan Center in New York City and the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. A special "extreme" audition session was held outside at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

Golden Buzzer acts

Each of the four judges had one chance to use the Golden Buzzer. Mandel was the first one whose use of the Golden Buzzer was aired, doing so on stuttering comedian Drew Lynch.[9] Contemporary dance duo Freckled Sky became the second Golden Act whose performance was aired, with Stern using the Golden Buzzer on them.[10] Brown was the third judge seen using the Golden Buzzer, this time on gospel singer Sharon Irving.[11] Klum was the last to utilize the Golden Buzzer, with 11-year-old opera singer Arielle Baril being its recipient.[12]

The guest judges each also had one chance to use the Golden Buzzer on any act during their participation without consultation from the regular panel. Like the Golden Acts selected by the regular judges, the Golden Acts chosen by the guest judges also went straight to the live rounds.[7] On the July 14 episode, Neil Patrick Harris used his golden buzzer on magician Piff the Magic Dragon.[13] On the July 21 episode, Michael Buble used his golden buzzer on singing duo The CraigLewis Band, although he was initially hesitant to do so.[14] Marlon Wayans used his buzzer on ventriloquist comedian Paul Zerdin on the July 28 episode.[15] Japanese light-and-sound dance troupe Siro-A became the last Golden Buzzer act of the season when former judge Piers Morgan used the Golden Buzzer on them.[16]

Freckled Sky was eliminated in the quarterfinals after losing the Judges' Choice to the rock band 3 Shades of Blue. Arielle Baril, Sharon Irving and Siro-A were all eliminated in the semifinals.

Judge Cuts

The Judge Cuts began on Tuesday, July 14, 2015. This round replaces the "Vegas Week" or "Judgment Week" rounds that were used in previous seasons. As noted above one guest judge joined the judges' panel in each week. Each guest judge was given one golden buzzer opportunity to send an act straight to the live shows. Twenty acts were shown each week, and seven advanced, including one from the guest judge's golden buzzer. Guest judges were not given a red buzzer to use. Any act that received all four red buzzers was to be immediately eliminated from the competition.

Key Buzzed Golden Buzzer
  Advanced to the live shows
  Did not advance to the live shows
  Eliminated immediately
  Advanced immediately

Week 1

Guest judge: Neil Patrick Harris

ActOrderPerformance typeBuzzesResult
Freelusion Dance Company1Videomapping dance groupAdvanced
Paul Ponce2Extreme jugglerEliminated
Silvia Silvia3Extreme crossbow archerAdvanced
Chapkis Dance Company4Dance troupeAdvanced
Samantha Hess5Professional cuddlerEliminated immediately
Elin and Noah6Child dance duoEliminated
Los Angeles Children's Orchestra7Children's orchestraEliminated
Alondra Santos8Mariachi singerEliminated
Michael John9MagicianEliminated
Piff the Magic Dragon10Comic-magicianAdvanced Immediately
Duo Ignite11Acrobatic aerialist duoEliminated
Myq Kaplan12Stand-up comedianAdvanced
Nick and Eddie13Singing duoEliminated
Keith Klein14SingerEliminated
3 Shades of Blue15Acoustic rock-pop bandAdvanced
Marc & Kiri16Ballroom dance duoEliminated
Vibez17Contortionist dancerEliminated
X-Treme Tricking & Tumbling18Extreme gymnastic groupEliminated
Grand Master Qi Feilong19Kung Fu artistEliminated Immediately
Samantha Johnson20SingerAdvanced
  1. Silvia Silvia subsequently dropped out of the competition, even after advancing to the next round. Silvia Silvia is appearing in a new show in Israel, with conflicting dates for AGT.
  2. Alondra was originally eliminated in Judge Cuts week 1, but was brought back as a replacement to compete in the quarterfinals after extreme crossbow archer, Silvia Silvia, dropped out.

Week 2

Guest judge: Michael Bublé

ActOrderPerformance typeBuzzesResult
Aiden Sinclair1MagicianEliminated
Jenna Renae2Singer & pianistEliminated
Shirley Claire3SingerEliminated
Daniella Mass4Opera singerAdvanced
Ira5Comedic singing puppetryAdvanced
Benjamin Yonnaton6Contemporary blind dancerAdvanced
Facinet Sylla7Street tumblingEliminated
Nastasya Generalova8Acrobatic gymnastEliminated
Wes Barker9Comedic straight-jacket escapistEliminated
Uzeyer Novruzov10Balancing performerAdvanced
Ryan Shaw11SingerEliminated
The CraigLewis Band12Singing duoAdvanced immediately
Dr. Danger's Daredevil All Stars13Daredevil stunts groupEliminated
Center Stage14Dance troupeEliminated
DADitude!15Dance groupEliminated
DMNation16Dance troupeAdvanced
The Chippendoubles17Variety actEliminated Immediately
Chris Jones18HypnotistEliminated
Scott Heierman19Cross-dressing comedianEliminated
Selected of God Choir20Gospel choirAdvanced
  1. DADitude! was originally eliminated in Judge Cuts Week 2, but was brought back as a replacement to compete in the quarterfinals after extreme aerial act, Duo Volta presumably dropped out.

Week 3

Guest judge: Marlon Wayans

ActOrderPerformance typeBuzzesResult
Triple Threat1Music groupAdvanced
Honor Roll Skate Crew2Dance groupEliminated
Evoke Tap Movement3Dance groupEliminated
The Squad4Dance groupEliminated
Animation Crew5Dance crewAdvanced
Oleksiy Mogylnyy6AcrobatEliminated
Johnny Shelton7SingerEliminated
Dana Daniels8Comic-magician/parrot trainerEliminated
Paul Zerdin9VentriloquistAdvanced immediately
Oz Pearlman10MentalistAdvanced
Brittney Allen11SingerEliminated
Paul Blair12Hula-Hoop performerEliminated immediately
Pretty Big Movement13Dance troupeEliminated
Stacey Kay14SingerEliminated
Mountain Faith Band15Bluegrass bandAdvanced
Randy Roberts16Cross-dressing singerEliminated
Vita Radionova17Acrobat/ContortionistAdvanced
Cailyn Mathis18DancerEliminated
Haley "Bulletproof" Glass19Martial artistEliminated
Benton Blount20SingerAdvanced

Week 4

Guest judge: Piers Morgan

ActOrderPerformance typeBuzzesResult
The Gentlemen1Hip-hop dance duoAdvanced
Technicianz2Dance groupEliminated
Duwende3Singing groupEliminated
Leroy Patterson4Novelty actEliminated
Derek Hughes5MagicianAdvanced
Duo Vladimir6Acrobatic duoEliminated
Duo Volta7Static trapeze duoAdvanced
Jamie Costa8Stand-up comedianEliminated immediately
Xavier Mortimer9Magician/JugglerEliminated immediately
Alicia Michilli10SingerAdvanced
The Move11Dance groupEliminated
Semeneya12Latin dance trioEliminated
Aaron Smyth13Contemporary dancerEliminated
Siro-A14Dance groupAdvanced immediately
Kacey Jones15Country singerEliminated
Gary Vider16Stand-up comedianAdvanced
Kayvon Zand17SingerEliminated immediately
Vox18Opera quartetEliminated
Alex Boye19SingerEliminated
Stevie Starr20Professional "regurgitator"Advanced
  1. Duo Volta has presumably dropped out of the competition, even after advancing to the next round. According to the Duo Volta website they no longer perform as a duo.
  2. Mandel buzzed Kayvon Zand after his performance was over.

Top 36 acts

Judge Cuts

  • 3 Shades of Blue, band
  • Alicia Michilli, singer
  • Alondra Santos, Mariachi singer
  • Animation Crew, popping dancers
  • Benjamin Yonattan, blind dancer
  • Benton Blount, singer/guitarist
  • Chapkis Dance Family, dance troupe
  • DADitude!, dance group
  • Daniella Mass, opera singer
  • Derek Hughes, comedic magician
  • DM Nation, dance troupe
  • Freelusion, dancers
  • Gary Vider, comedian
  • Ira, puppet singer/comedian
  • Mountain Faith Band, bluegrass band
  • Myq Kaplan, comedian
  • Oz Pearlman, mentalist
  • Samantha Johnson, singer
  • Selected of God Choir, gospel choir
  • Stevie Starr, "regurgitator"
  • The Gentlemen, dancing duo
  • Triple Threat, singing trio
  • Uzeyer Novruzov, circus performer
  • Vita Radionova, contortionist

Golden Buzzer Acts

  • Mandel: Drew Lynch, comedian
  • Stern: Freckled Sky, visual dance act
  • Brown: Sharon Irving, gospel singer
  • Klum: Arielle Baril, opera singer
  • Harris: Piff the Magic Dragon, comedic magician
  • Bublé: The CraigLewis Band, singing duo
  • Wayans: Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist
  • Morgan: Siro-A, video-mapping dance troupe

Of these eight acts, only Freckled Sky was eliminated the quarterfinals. Arielle Baril, Sharon Irving and Siro-A were eliminated in the semifinals. Piff the Magic Dragon was eliminated in the finals.

Four additional acts made appearances in the live shows after not being present during the Judge Cuts round. The following acts completed the field of 36 acts for the live quarterfinals:

  • Craig and Micheline, dancing duo
  • Damone Rippy, flyboarder
  • Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, stunt bikers
  • Showproject, gymnastics group

All four of these were eliminated in the quarterfinals except for Metal Mulisha because they were the judges' wild card choice for this season. They were eliminated in the semifinals.


The live quarterfinals began on August 11 and were broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Each week, twelve acts performed and seven advanced. One or more guest artists or acts performed during each results show.

The four judges were still able to press the red buzzers to show disapproval of an act. If any act received all four buzzes, their performance would be ended prematurely, but the act would not necessarily be eliminated immediately. The golden buzzer did not appear in the live rounds. This season marked the first time Mel B and Heidi used their buzzers in the live rounds. This season also marked the first time an act received four X's during a live round in America's Got Talent history. Season 10 also has the least amount of Quarter Finals in America's Got Talent history. Previous years have had 4 Quarter Finals while this season only had 3.

The Dunkin' Save, originally called the Snapple Save, was continued from the previous season. Each week during the quarterfinals, the acts with the 6th, 7th and 8th most votes were subject to a new vote during the live results shows to send one of them to the semifinals. Out of the remaining two acts, one was selected by the judges to move on to the next round. In the event of a tie, the act with the most votes from the previous night would move on.

Key Buzzed
Judges' Choice
  Won Judges' Choice
  Lost Judges' Choice
  Dunkin' Save
  Judges' Wildcard

Week 1 (August 11–12)

Guests: The Rockettes, Mat Franco, OMI

ActOrderPerformance descriptionBuzzes and judges' choicesResult
Siro-A1Video-mapping dance group, performed a fast paced routine including programmed judge cameos, to the Lenny Kravitz song "Are You Gonna Go My Way".Advanced3rd, 12.7%
Alondra Santos2Mariachi singer, performed "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" by Selena.Won Judges' Choice6th, 6.2% - 3rd, 22.5%
Vita Radionova3Contortionist, performed a routine consisting of contortions and acrobatic stunts to "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" by Monophonics.Eliminated10th, 0.5%
Triple Threat4Singing trio, performed "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child.Eliminated12th, 0.1%
The Gentlemen5Child dancing duo, performed a self-choreographed routine with backup dancers to "Time of Our Lives" by Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo.Lost Judges' Choice7th, 4.3% - 2nd, 32.6%
Piff the Magic Dragon6Comic magician, performed a routine in which his chihuahua, Mr. Piffles, was inside one of four numbered boxes. Each box that judge Howie Mandel guessed did not contain Mr. Piffles was destroyed, and the dog was found in the remaining box.Advanced2nd, 21.5%
Benton Blount7Singer/guitarist, performed an acoustic version of "Say Something" by A Great Big World.Advanced5th, 9.3%
Craig and Micheline8Dancers, performed an acrobatic dance routine to "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson.Eliminated9th, 0.9%
Drew Lynch9Comedian, performed a stand-up routine about his stutter and his service dog.Advanced4th, 10.2%
Showproject10Acrobatic gymnastic group, performed a routine on parallel gym bars to "Chains" by Nick Jonas.Eliminated11th, 0.2%
Paul Zerdin11Ventriloquist, performed a routine in which he left his puppet on the stage after an argument. The puppet raised its head and began talking, but acted lifeless once Zerdin returned onstage.Advanced1st, 31.6%
Samantha Johnson12Singer, performed her rendition of "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas & The Papas.Dunkin' Save8th, 2.5% - 1st 44.9%

Week 2 (August 18–19)

Guests: Emily West, William Close

ActOrderPerformance descriptionBuzzes and judges' choicesResult
DM Nation1Female dance troupe, performed an army-style routine in their signature black uniforms to "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé.Eliminated
Derek Hughes2Comedic magician, performed a trick with Mel B that involved how to cheat at playing cards by making cards appear and disappear in his pocket.Advanced
3 Shades of Blue3Acoustic rock band, performed a version of "Chains" by Nick Jonas.Won Judges' Choice
Animation Crew4Popping dance crew, performed a hip-hop-style routine with a video game themed background.Eliminated
Arielle Baril5Child opera singer, sang "Pie Jesu" by Andrew Lloyd Webber with a backup choir.Advanced
Uzeyer Novruzov6Ladder acrobat, showed a series of small ladder tricks before climbing an 18-foot ladder and balancing on top of it.Advanced
Ira7Singing puppet, sang "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones on a cruise ship set with backing puppets.Dunkin' Save
Damone Rippy8Flyboarder, performed a routine over the Hudson River that included a triple back flip to "Come Get It Bae" by Pharrell Williams. Damone's performance was recorded in one take before the live broadcast.Eliminated
Myq Kaplan9Comedian, performed a stand-up routine about kids and airports.Eliminated
The CraigLewis Band10Male singing duo, sang a rendition of "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding.Advanced
Freckled Sky11Visual-dance act, performed with projections and water effects to the song "Can't Pretend" by Tom Odell.Lost Judges' Choice
Sharon Irving12Gospel singer, performed the Golden Globe-winning song "Glory" from the film Selma.Advanced

Klum's voting intention was not revealed.

Week 3 (August 25–26)

Guests: Le Rêve

ActOrderPerformance descriptionBuzzes and judges' choicesResult
Chapkis Dance Family1Dance group, performed a jungle-themed dance to a remix of "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid, "No Twerk" by Apashe, and "Animals" by Martin Garrix, with flips and movement.Eliminated
Metal Mulisha Fitz Army2Extreme stunt motorcyclists, rode off of a ramp, performing danger tricks in mid-air with the NYC skyline behind them.Judges' Wildcard
DADitude!3Comedic-dance group, danced an old-school back in time routine to "Living in New York City" by Robin Thicke.Eliminated
Alicia Michilli4Singer, sang a passionate rendition of "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.Advanced
Gary Vider5Stand-up comedian, told jokes about his dating life and his materialistic roommate.Dunkin' Save
Mountain Faith Band6Bluegrass band, played and sang "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon.Advanced
Oz Pearlman7Mentalist, performed a trick in which he asked the judges to guess how many gumballs were in a jar. In an Instagram video, he predicted that Mel B would be off by 2: the actual number was 327; her guess was 325. He then showed a receipt for the gumballs purchased with all the judges' numbers printed on top as the order number.Advanced
Selected of God8Gospel choir, performed their rendition of the song "Impossible" by Shontelle.Eliminated
Stevie Starr9Professional Regurgitator, swallowed Heidi Klum's $500,000 ring and then swallowed a lock and key. He regurgitated the ring now in the lock. He initially could not get the key up but swallowed a Pool ball to force the key up and regurgitated both.Advanced
Benjamin Yonattan10Child classical dancer, performed an inspiring and energized routine with jumps and aerials to "One Life" by Boyce Avenue.Lost Judges' Choice
Daniella Mass11Operatic singer, sang a cover of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables.Won Judges' Choice
Freelusion Dance Company12Video-mapping dance group, performed a routine symbolizing a couple is separated by a volcano and reunited in heaven.Advanced

Though they were eliminated in the quarterfinals, Metal Mulisha Fitz Army were the judges' wildcard pick, and they came back for the first week of the semifinals.

DADitude! is the first act to get 4 Xs during the live rounds. This is also the first time that Heidi has buzzed an act during the live shows.


The live semifinal round began on September 1 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, with two weeks of competition. Because only 22 acts advanced to the semifinals, eleven acts perform each week, and five acts advance each week. Special guest acts or artists will perform each week during the live results shows.

The four judges will still be able to press the red buzzers to show disapproval of an act. If any act receives all four buzzes, their performance would be ended prematurely, but the act would not necessarily be eliminated immediately.

The Dunkin' Save continued into the semifinals, with the three acts in danger of elimination being those voted in 4th, 5th, and 6th place.

Key Buzzed
Judges' Choice
  Won Judges' vote
  Lost Judges' Choice
  Dunkin' Save

Week 1 (September 1–2)

Guests: The Illusionists, Taylor Williamson

ActOrderPerformance descriptionBuzzes and judges' choicesResult
Ira1Singing puppets, Ira and his mother, performed a comic skit and then sang about Ira's mother and father's courtship to Barry Manilow's, "Copacabana".Eliminated
Mountain Faith Band2Bluegrass band, performed a cover of The Weeknd's, "Can't Feel My Face".Eliminated
Metal Mulisha Fitz Army3Stunt motorcyclists, performed dangerous jumps and flips on their motorcycles with one shooting sparks from his tailpipes. Another rider was set on fire before making a jump.Eliminated
Samantha Johnson4Singer, performed a cover of The Weeknd's "Earned It".Lost Judges' Choice
Derek Hughes5Comedic magician, performed a trick in which he told a story then ripped up a sheet of paper, dropped a piece, then restored the paper together and the piece he dropped was the missing piece.Advanced
Drew Lynch6Stand-up comedian, performed a routine about both his high-pitched voice and his stutter giving him problems when talking to people on the phone.Advanced
The CraigLewis Band7Male vocal duo, sang Sam Cooke's, "A Change is Gonna Come".Won Judges' Choice
Oz Pearlman8Mentalist, set out cups with various drinks and then, while blindfolded by Heidi, predicted which drinks Howard would choose and in what order. He then predicted Mel's drink of choice and a treat that Howie was thinking of.Advanced
Benton Blount9Singer, performed a cover of Rachel Platten's, "Fight Song".Dunkin' Save
Siro-A10Video projection dance group, performed a routine including colorful squares, duplicates of themselves, and various special effects, such as the dancers turning upside down, set to "Summer" by Calvin Harris.Eliminated
Arielle Baril11Child opera singer, performed "Nessun Dorma".Eliminated

After Mandel's vote tied the Judges' Choice, The CraigLewis Band went through to the finals on account of gaining more votes than Samantha Johnson during the previous night's voting.

Week 2 (September 8–9)

Guests: Little Mix, AcroArmy

ActOrderPerformance descriptionBuzzes and judges' choicesResult
3 Shades of Blue1Acoustic rock band, sang "Sail" by AWOLNATION.Eliminated
Gary Vider2Stand-up comedian, performed a routine where he joked about working out in a 24-hour gym, wanting to be walked home in a dangerous neighborhood, pumping oxygen into a casino, Jewish people raising their hands, and staring at Mel B in an elevator.Won Judges' Choice
Alondra Santos3Mariachi singer, performed "La Copa de la Vida" by Ricky Martin.Eliminated
Freelusion Dance Company4Video-mapping dance group, danced with realistic special effects, including a 3-D robot.Lost Judges' Choice
Alicia Michilli5Singer, performed a cover on "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers.Eliminated
Piff the Magic Dragon6Comedic magician, performed a routine where he first mentioned that it was just going to be him and his case. Then, toasted some bread, then he asked Klum, Mel B, and Stern to pick a random card. Then, one of the cards was printed on the toast, the other card was revealed was when he bit out of the toast, and the last one was revealed by Piff going into the TV that Mr. Piffles was in, got the last card and ran back to the stage.Advanced
Daniella Mass7Opera singer, performed an operatic version of "Crying" by Roy Orbison.Eliminated
Uzeyer Novruzov8Ladder acrobat, performed a routine in which he span in a Cyr wheel, climbing up a free-standing ladder, and standing on the end caps. He then caught two rings thrown by his assistants and attempted to get a hoop under his foot while balancing. Unfortunately, he fell off the ladder while attempting the trick and injured himself.Dunkin' Save
Stevie Starr9"The Professional Regurgitator" swallowed smoke from two cups, liquid soap, and water to blow bubbles. He then exhaled half of the smoke into a large bubble. He then swallowed and regurgitated a raw egg.Advanced
Sharon Irving10Gospel singer, performed "Imagine" by John Lennon.Eliminated
Paul Zerdin11Ventriloquist, used Mandel as a dummy (through a remote-controlled mask). Zerdin then switched places with Mandel by pretending to be a judge while forcing a struggling Mandel to twerk and Irish dance on stage.Advanced

After Stern's vote tied the Judges' Choice, Gary Vider went through to the finals on account of gaining more votes than Freelusion during the previous night's voting.

Top 10 (finals)

The live finale took place at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on September 15 with the live results show taking place on September 16. The finale spanned only one week with the top 10 acts performing one more time before a winner was selected. The judges had the option to use their buzzer, though none of them did so. Five acts advanced into the top 5, and the other five acts were eliminated.

ActOrderPerformance descriptionResult
Oz Pearlman1Mentalist, performed a trick in which he handed Howie Mandel five envelopes so he could shuffle them. He then asked each of the judges to "swear" on their close friends not to cheat on Oz's act. He then had each judge sit on four separate covered chairs on stage. Each judge picked one of the five envelopes and opened the envelope to reveal four different-colored X's. Oz opened the fifth envelope to reveal a picture of his face. The chairs were uncloaked to reveal colors matching those of the envelopes. He then revealed on the back of his picture the information the judges provided in the beginning of the act and the corresponding chair colors. Oz was the only contestant who did not have a guest performer and made the card Heidi Klum was think of appear in his hand during the Finale.Advanced
Uzeyer Novruzov2Ladder acrobat, climbed up a free-standing ladder, hopping up a flight of stairs, and hanging off a ladder hanging from the ceiling to resemble a helicopter. Did a dance routine with Guest performer: Freelusion during the Finale.Eliminated (7th)
Benton Blount3Singer, sung an acoustic rendition of "Story of My Life" by One Direction. Sang a duet with Guest performer: Rachel Platten of her "Fight Song" during the Finale.Eliminated (8th)
Gary Vider4Stand-up comedian, joked about North Korea setting everybody's dollar value to zero (and erasing his debt), not knowing about Caitlyn Jenner's transition, his respect of Ryan Gosling, having a restraining order against him, and being stingy because he's Jewish. Guest performer: Jeff Ross did a roast with Gary Vider & Drew Lynch during the Finale.Eliminated (9th)
Piff the Magic Dragon5Comedic magician, had Howie Mandel sign a 20-dollar bill, and then changing it to a voucher for one free magic trick. He then took Heidi's ring and gave it to Mr. Piffles. He then placed him in a cannon and launched him through a hoop. A robotic Mr. Piffles then walked on the stage. When it fell, Piff covered it with a cloth and then revealed the real Mr. Piffles. Inside a walnut released by Mr. Piffles was the original 20-dollar bill signed by Howie. Guest performer: Penn & Teller which did his sound effects and made fun of his mess up trick before and then Guest performer: Penn & Teller did a card trick with Piff the Magic Dragon during the Finale.Eliminated (6th)
Paul Zerdin6Ventriloquist, performed with his puppet Sam's grandpa Albert. He joked about Albert's hearing aid not working, and Albert having issues with his suppository. He then sang a song to make the baby sleep. He then brought Sam out. He swapped voices with Sam. Paul then had a conversation with all three puppets at once. Guest performer: Did a new voice with Terry Fator during the Finale.Advanced
The Craig Lewis Band7Male R&B duo, sang "Beggin'" by The Four Seasons. Sung "What Love Is" by Foreigner with Guest performers: Yolanda Adams and Harlem Gospel Choir during the Finale.Advanced
Derek Hughes8Comedic magician, introduced his act as the first three minutes of his Vegas show with a DJ and two backup dancers. Derek took three ropes of the same length. He bantered with Howie Mandel about being impressed with the ropes being the same size. He then had Howard Stern cut a piece rope in half and then put the ropes back together. Guest performer: Mat Franco in which they match pictures during the Finale.Eliminated (10th)
Stevie Starr9"The Professional Regurgitator" swallowed five push pins and a strong magnet. He then asked Heidi to pick a number to bring up, and she chose 4. He then brought up the four pins on the magnet and then the preceding one left over. He then swallowed flammable gas, and had Nick light a lighter, in which he created a big explosion by blowing the gas into a bubble and lighting the bubble with the lighter.Guest performer: Penn & Teller did a variation of their silver coin and goldfish trick in which Stevie Starr regurgitated both type of objects during the Finale.Advanced
Drew Lynch10Stand-up comedian, joked about lacking conviction in his voice, spending too much time giving his phone number to his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's bust. Guest performer: Jeff Ross did a roast with Gary Vider & Drew Lynch during the Finale.Advanced


  3rd place
  4th place
  5th place
The Craig Lewis Band5th place
Stevie Starr4th place
Oz Pearlman3rd place
Drew LynchRunner-up
Paul ZerdinWinner

U.S. Nielsen ratings

ShowEpisode titleFirst air dateRating
Time slot
1Auditions Week 1 (Premiere)May 26, 20152.6911.09[17]111[18]
2Auditions Week 2June 2, 20152.4910.84[19]113[20]
3Auditions Week 3June 9, 20152.3810.44[21]224[22]
4Auditions Week 4June 16, 20152.3810.18[23]124[24]
5Auditions Week 5June 23, 20152.61011.08[25]111[3]
6Auditions Week 6June 30, 20152.5910.74[3]223[3]
7Auditions Week 7July 7, 20152.3810.57[3]111[3]
8Judge Cuts Week 1July 14, 20152.4910.82[3]122[3]
9Judge Cuts Week 2July 21, 20152.3910.50[3]111[34]
10Judge Cuts Week 3July 28, 20152.1810.33[3]113[36]
11Judge Cuts Week 4August 4, 20152.2810.21[5]113[38]
12Quarterfinals Week 1 (Performances)August 11, 20152.5911.43[5]111[40]
13Quarterfinals Week 1 (Results)August 12, 20151.668.83[5]226[40]
14Quarterfinals Week 2 (Performances)August 18, 20152.3810.86[5]111[43]
15Quarterfinals Week 2 (Results)August 19, 20151.669.12[5]227[43]
16Quarterfinals Week 3 (Performances)August 25, 20152.2810.34[5]112[46]
17Quarterfinals Week 3 (Results)August 26, 20151.668.46[6]227[46]
18Semifinals Week 1 (Performances)September 1, 20152.3810.55[6]112[49]
19Semifinals Week 1 (Results)September 2, 20151.779.29[6]226[49]
20Semifinals Week 2 (Performances)September 8, 20152.1710.53[6]119[52]
21Semifinals Week 2 (Results)September 9, 20151.879.46[6]2212[52]
22Finals (Performances)September 15, 20152.4911.33[6]116[55]
23FinaleSeptember 16, 20152.179.54[56]119[55]


ShowEpisode titleFirst air dateRating
Time slot
S1Best of Season 10 AuditionsJuly 22, 20151.255.66[57]3412[34]
S210th Anniversary SpecialJuly 29, 20151.665.80[58]228[36]
S3World's Got TalentAugust 5, 20151.566.99[59]229[38]
S4Finale Performance RecapSeptember 16, 20151.245.65[56]3419[55]