Alvina is a female given name with the meaning "elf friend", "amicable", "friendly", "warrior princess", "the most high" and "magical being". In English It is the feminine form of Alvin, which comes from either the Old English name Ælfwine, containing the words ælf meaning "elf" and wine meaning "friend", or from the Old High German name Adelwin / Adalwin, meaning Noble Friend. Also, means "loved by everyone".

It is an uncommon name, first attested in mediaeval English records , and was revived in the 20th century. Popularity waned after 1939, and now less than 0.001% of the British population is named Alvina. Diminutives of this name include Alvi, Alvy and Alwy.

Famous people with this name

  • Anicée Alvina was a French Actress
  • Alvina Kong is a Chinese Actress
  • Alvina Krause was the founding director of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
  • Alvina Tan is a Malaysian musician.
  • Alvina Torres is Dell's Brand Ambassador and

Other instances of this name




  • Alveena
  • Elvina
  • Elvena
  • Vena