Allure is the first album by the band Allure, released in May 6, 1997 via Mariah Carey's label, Crave Records.

Track listing

  1. "Introduction" (featuring Nature) (1:45) (S. Barnes, Jermaine Baxter, B. Lattimore, Rich Nice, J.C. "Poke" Oliver)
  2. "Anything You Want" (3:12) (Barnes, Oliver, T. Robinson)
  3. "You're Gonna Love Me" (4:10) ( Burt Bacharach, Barnes, Mary J. Blige, Latonya J. Blige, Hal David, Oliver, G. Pearson)
  4. " Head over Heels " (featuring Nas) (4:11) (Barnes, Mariah Carey, N. Jones, Shawn Moltke, Oliver, M. Williams)
  5. "No Question" (featuring LL Cool J) (3:45) (Barnes, James Mtume, Oliver, Timothy Riley, T. Robinson, J.T. Smith)
  6. " All Cried Out " ( Full Force) (4:35) (Duet With 112 (band))
  7. "The Story" (4:21) (Dave Atkinson, Barnes, G. Chambers, Oliver)
  8. "Come into My House" (1:07) (Allure, Barnes, Oliver, Riley)
  9. "When You Need Someone" (4:18) (Barnes, Blige, Blige, Oliver, Pearson)
  10. "Give You All I Got" (featuring Raekwon) (4:01) (Barnes, Oliver, Pearson, Robinson, C. Woods)
  11. "I'll Give You Anything" (3:16) (Barnes, Oliver, Riley, Robinson)
  12. "Wanna Get With You" (4:36) (D. Allamby, B. Lawrence)
  13. "Last Chance" (4:19) (Carey, Mark Rooney)
  14. "Mama Said" (3:48) (Chambers, Pearson)
  15. "Everytime I Think of You" (Japan Bonus Track)


  1. "Head Over Heels" (featuring Nas)
  2. "All Cried Out"
  3. "No Question" (featuring LL Cool J)
  4. "Last Chance"