Roger Federer was the three-time defending champion. He won his 4th straight US Open title beating first-time Grand Slam finalist Novak Djokovic in the final 7–6(7–4), 7–6(7–2), 6–4. It was Federer's 12th major title overall and his third out of three years in which he won three of the four majors in a single calendar season.[2]


Qualifying draw




 1 Switzerland Roger Federer77776   
5 United States Andy Roddick65642   
 1 Switzerland Roger Federer767   
 4 Russia Nikolay Davydenko515   
4 Russia Nikolay Davydenko666  
 10 Germany Tommy Haas334   
  1 Switzerland Roger Federer77776  
 3 Serbia Novak Djokovic64624  
 17 Spain Carlos Moyà4671   
3 Serbia Novak Djokovic6796   
3 Serbia Novak Djokovic666  
 15 Spain David Ferrer443   
20 Argentina Juan Ignacio Chela235  
 15 Spain David Ferrer667   

Top half

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
1Switzerland R Federer666  
QUnited States S Jenkins324  1Switzerland R Federer666  
QGermany R Schüttler737743QChile P Capdeville144  
QChile P Capdeville5664661Switzerland R Federer64666 
QFrance T Ascione20r  WCUnited States J Isner77242 
QSouth Africa R de Voest63   QSouth Africa R de Voest3364  
WCUnited States J Isner6477776 WCUnited States J Isner6677  
26Finland J Nieminen7764654 1Switzerland R Federer3666 
21Spain JC Ferrero344   Spain F López6414 
 Spain F López666   Spain F López6373677
 United States R Kendrick6434   Russia I Andreev7756465
 Russia I Andreev7766   Spain F López36777 
WCUnited States D Young62666 WCUnited States D Young63655 
 Australia C Guccione77323 WCUnited States D Youngw/o    
 Argentina S Roitman512  13France R Gasquet     
13France R Gasquet766  

Section 2

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
9Czech Republic T Berdych6776  
 France M Gicquel3602  9Czech Republic T Berdych766  
 Italy S Bolelli6636  Italy S Bolelli533  
 France J Benneteau3461 9Czech Republic T Berdych77677  
 France G Simon66    Spain F Verdasco62163  
QGermany A Waske41r   France G Simon043  
 Spain F Verdasco31666 Spain F Verdasco666  
22France P-H Mathieu664339Czech Republic T Berdych660r  
32Croatia I Karlović65467845United States A Roddick782   
 France A Clément7764666 France A Clément46471161 
 Sweden T Johansson27766  Sweden T Johansson6776977 
 Chile N Massú66333  Sweden T Johansson320  
 Argentina J Acasuso66266 5United States A Roddick666  
 Argentina M Vassallo47734  Argentina J Acasuso612r 
 United States J Gimelstob6633  5United States A Roddick466  
5United States A Roddick7866  

Section 3

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
4Russia N Davydenko666  
WCUnited States J Levine401  4Russia N Davydenko666  
 Germany N Kiefer6776   Germany N Kiefer222  
 United States V Spadea2613  4Russia N Davydenko767  
 Australia P Luczak64366  28Spain N Almagro505  
 Peru L Horna77678   Peru L Horna421r 
WCUnited States A Kuznetsov4064  28Spain N Almagro662  
28Spain N Almagro6677  4Russia N Davydenko666  
19United Kingdom A Murray666   South Korea H-t Lee134  
QUruguay P Cuevas230  19United Kingdom A Murray56646
 Argentina JP Guzmán3642   Sweden J Björkman73161
 Sweden J Björkman6776  19United Kingdom A Murray3365 
 Slovakia D Hrbatý7745784 South Korea H-t Lee6627 
 South Korea H-t Lee6467666 South Korea H-t Lee776  
 Spain R Ramírez Hidalgo3653 14Argentina G Cañas553  
14Argentina G Cañas6476 

Section 4

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
10Germany T Haas65766 
QBelgium S Darcis77534 10Germany T Haas4667 
 Germany B Becker66441QGermany P Petzschner6325 
QGermany P Petzschner2366610Germany T Haas66346
 United States P Goldstein11r   France S Grosjean24663
 France S Grosjean64    France S Grosjean66666 
 Belarus M Mirnyi67378  Belarus M Mirnyi47843 
18Cyprus M Baghdatis35666 10Germany T Haas463677
29Italy F Volandri3644 6United States J Blake646064
 France M Llodra6466  France M Llodra133  
 Austria S Koubek7766   Austria S Koubek666  
 United States S Querrey6111   Austria S Koubek46651 
 France F Santoro66866 6United States J Blake63776 
 Spain A Montañés171021  France F Santoro46264
 United States M Russell66364  6United States J Blake63646
6United States J Blake78677  

Bottom half

Section 5

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
8Spain T Robredo6776  
LLUnited States B Reynolds3651  8Spain T Robredo636676
 United States M Fish666   United States M Fish464794
QMexico B Echagaray412  8Spain T Robredo132  
QPoland M Przysiężny16164  Latvia E Gulbis666  
 Germany M Berrer64677  Germany M Berrer6421  
 Latvia E Gulbis7776   Latvia E Gulbis7766  
30Italy P Starace5643   Latvia E Gulbis52774 
17Spain C Moyá666  17Spain C Moyá76656 
QGermany B Phau124  17Spain C Moyá667  
 Spain G García-López63565 Russia I Kunitsyn4453  
 Russia I Kunitsyn4672717Spain C Moyá477746
 Argentina M Zabaleta224   Germany P Kohlschreiber656564
 Germany P Kohlschreiber666   Germany P Kohlschreiber3666 
 France N Devilder012  11Russia M Youzhny6433 
11Russia M Youzhny666  

Section 6

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
16Australia L Hewitt666  
 United States A Delić242  16Australia L Hewitt6442 
 Italy A Seppi4465  Argentina A Calleri4666 
 Argentina A Calleri6637  Argentina A Calleri6524  
QIsrael D Sela5666 23Argentina J Mónaco7766  
 Ecuador N Lapentti7213 QIsrael D Sela40774 
 France É Roger-Vasselin2615 23Argentina J Mónaco66616 
23Argentina J Mónaco6367 23Argentina J Mónaco562781 
31Austria J Melzer677  3Serbia N Djokovic777666 
 Argentina D Hartfield455  31Austria J Melzer314  
 Argentina JM del Potro666   Argentina JM del Potro666  
 France N Mahut042   Argentina JM del Potro134  
 Argentina C Berlocq637742 3Serbia N Djokovic666  
 Czech Republic R Štěpánek776466  Czech Republic R Štěpánek77657562
LLNetherlands R Haase213  3Serbia N Djokovic64775777
3Serbia N Djokovic666  

Section 7

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
7Chile F González41674
 Russia T Gabashvili66356 Russia T Gabashvili231  
 United States R Ginepri666   United States R Ginepri666  
 Belgium O Rochus031   United States R Ginepri74643
 Switzerland S Wawrinka46467 Switzerland S Wawrinka56466
 Russia E Korolev63645 Switzerland S Wawrinka666  
QCanada F Dancevic56567  25Russia M Safin333  
25Russia M Safin77779   Switzerland S Wawrinka626664
20Argentina JI Chela6677  20Argentina JI Chela467816
WCUnited States M McClune2160  20Argentina JI Chela667  
 Thailand D Udomchoke7731662WCUnited States W Odesnik315  
WCUnited States W Odesnik626637720Argentina JI Chela665266
QRomania A Pavel3667 12Croatia I Ljubičić477633
QGermany D Meffert6325 QRomania A Pavel3466  
 Belgium K Vliegen1611  12Croatia I Ljubičić6678  
12Croatia I Ljubičić6776  

Section 8

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
15Spain D Ferrer666  
 Germany F Mayer323  15Spain D Ferrer4666 
 France F Serra637766  France F Serra6332 
 Austria W Eschauer776242 15Spain D Ferrer634777
 Belgium X Malisse66567 24Argentina D Nalbandian366655
 Denmark K Pless47735  Belgium X Malisse442  
 Spain I Navarro56466  24Argentina D Nalbandian666  
24Argentina D Nalbandian77778  15Spain D Ferrer636776 
27Russia D Tursunov4634 2Spain R Nadal774642 
 United Kingdom T Henman6366  United Kingdom T Henman62654 
 France J-W Tsonga766   France J-W Tsonga77276 
 Spain Ó Hernández513   France J-W Tsonga6321  
 Serbia J Tipsarević5666 2Spain R Nadal7766  
WCUnited States R Sweeting7242  Serbia J Tipsarević232r 
WCAustralia A Jones5641 2Spain R Nadal663  
2Spain R Nadal7366