Roger Federer was two times defending champion, but lost in the fourth round to Guillermo Cañas.

Novak Djokovic won the title, defeating Guillermo Cañas 6–3, 6–2, 6–4 in the final.


All thirty-two seeds received a bye to the second round.

  1. Switzerland Roger Federer (Fourth Round)
  2. Spain Rafael Nadal (Quarterfinals)
  3. United States Andy Roddick (Quarterfinals, retired due to a hamstring injury)
  4. Russia Nikolay Davydenko (Third Round)
  5. Chile Fernando González (Third Round)
  6. Spain Tommy Robredo (Quarterfinals)
  7. Croatia Ivan Ljubičić (Semifinals)
  8. United States James Blake (Second Round)
  9. Germany Tommy Haas (Second Round)
  10. Serbia Novak Djokovic (Champion)
  11. Argentina David Nalbandian (Third Round)
  12. United Kingdom Andy Murray (Semifinals)
  13. Spain David Ferrer (Fourth Round)
  14. Czech Republic Tomáš Berdych (Third Round)
  15. France Richard Gasquet (Third Round)
  16. Russia Mikhail Youzhny (Third Round)
  17. Cyprus Marcos Baghdatis (Second Round)
  18. Germany Florian Mayer (Third Round)
  19. Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero (Second Round)
  20. Finland Jarkko Nieminen (Fourth Round)
  21. Russia Dmitry Tursunov (Second Round)
  22. Slovakia Dominik Hrbatý (Second Round)
  23. Italy Filippo Volandri (Second Round)
  24. Czech Republic Radek Štěpánek (Fourth Round)
  25. Russia Marat Safin (Second Round)
  26. Austria Jürgen Melzer (Second Round)
  27. Spain Carlos Moyá (Second Round)
  28. Spain Fernando Verdasco (Second Round)
  29. Spain Nicolás Almagro (Third Round)
  30. Belgium Olivier Rochus (Third Round, withdrew due to a foot injury)
  31. Argentina José Acasuso (Second Round)
  32. France Gilles Simon (Third Round)




 Q Argentina Guillermo Cañas776  
6 Spain Tommy Robredo651  
 Q Argentina Guillermo Cañas76  
 7 Croatia Ivan Ljubičić52  
23 Argentina Juan Ignacio Chela53 
 7 Croatia Ivan Ljubičić76  
  Q Argentina Guillermo Cañas324  
 10 Serbia Novak Djokovic666  
 12 United Kingdom Andy Murray5   
3 United States Andy Roddick3r   
12 United Kingdom Andy Murray10 
 10 Serbia Novak Djokovic66  
10 Serbia Novak Djokovic66 
 2 Spain Rafael Nadal34  

Top Half

Section 1

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  1 Switzerland R Federer66  
PR Russia I Andreev724  WC United States S Querrey43  
WC United States S Querrey566   1 Switzerland R Federer76  
WC United States A Kuznetsov464    29 Spain N Almagro53  
  Italy P Starace677     Italy P Starace623 
  29 Spain N Almagro776  
   1 Switzerland R Federer62665
   Q Argentina G Cañas77277
  19 Spain J C Ferrero7735 
  United Kingdom T Henman621  Q Argentina G Cañas6567 
Q Argentina G Cañas366   Q Argentina G Cañas776 
PR Netherlands M Verkerk34    15 France R Gasquet633  
  France S Grosjean66     France S Grosjean462
  15 France R Gasquet606 

Section 2

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  9 Germany T Haas44  
 Argentina S Roitman631  LL Colombia A Falla66  
LL Colombia A Falla466   LL Colombia A Falla32  
  Spain R Ramírez Hidalgo563   24 Czech Republic R Štěpánek66 
  Argentina G Gaudio716    Argentina G Gaudio32 
  24 Czech Republic R Štěpánek66  
   24 Czech Republic R Štěpánek64763
   6 Spain T Robredo77577
  28 Spain F Verdasco651  
  Russia I Kunitsyn10   17 Germany F Mayer776  
17 Germany F Mayer66    17 Germany F Mayer44 
Q United States K Kim636   6 Spain T Robredo66  
  Germany B Becker462  Q United States K Kim24 
  6 Spain T Robredo66  

Section 3

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  4 Russia N Davydenko66  
  Thailand D Udomchoke7723    Germany S Greul40  
  Germany S Greul6266   4 Russia N Davydenko653  
Q United States A Delic66    Q United States A Delic776  
  France J Benneteau44   Q United States A Delic66 
  31 Argentina J Acasuso03  
   Q United States A Delic32 
     Argentina J I Chela66 
    Argentina J I Chela66  
  Serbia J Tipsarević77     Serbia J Tipsarević22  
Q Italy A Seppi55      Argentina J I Chela678 
  Spain A Montañés41    14 Czech Republic T Berdych466  
  France A Clément66     France A Clément41 
  14 Czech Republic T Berdych66  

Section 4

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  11 Argentina D Nalbandian66  
  United States R Ginepri13     United States V Spadea34  
  United States V Spadea66    11 Argentina D Nalbandian463  
LL Russia E Korolev66    20 Finland J Nieminen677  
  France M Gicquel42   LL Russia E Korolev00 
  20 Finland J Nieminen66  
   20 Finland J Nieminen644 
   7 Croatia I Ljubičić776 
  27 Spain C Moyà652  
  Belgium C Rochus752    France F Santoro776  
  France F Santoro576     France F Santoro634
  France N Mahut3r    7 Croatia I Ljubičić366 
23 Italy F Volandri6    23 Italy F Volandri32 
  7 Croatia I Ljubičić66  

Bottom Half

Section 5

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  5 Chile F González76  
WC Sweden T Johansson66   WC Sweden T Johansson53  
  Spain A Martín43    5 Chile F González366  
  Belgium K Vliegen11      France P-H Mathieu678  
  France P-H Mathieu66     France P-H Mathieu67 
  26 Austria J Melzer05  
     France P-H Mathieu653
   12 United Kingdom A Murray276
  LL United States R Kendrick66  
WC Brazil G Kuerten22   Q Netherlands R Sluiter44  
Q Netherlands R Sluiter66    LL United States R Kendrick31 
  United States P Goldstein626   12 United Kingdom A Murray66  
WC United States R Sweeting263    United States P Goldstein264 
  12 United Kingdom A Murray677  

Section 6

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  13 Spain D Ferrer66  
  Argentina J Mónaco66     Argentina J Mónaco22  
Q Netherlands R Haase44    13 Spain D Ferrer776  
Q Italy S Bolelli66    Q Italy S Bolelli602  
  France G Monfils42   Q Italy S Bolelli6066
  21 Russia D Tursunov7734 
   13 Spain D Ferrer53 
   3 United States A Roddick76 
  32 France G Simon677  
  Thailand P Srichaphan2r      Peru L Horna364  
  Peru L Horna5     32 France G Simon44 
  Argentina M Vassallo Argüello66    3 United States A Roddick66  
  South Korea H-T Lee42     Argentina M Vassallo Argüello32 
  3 United States A Roddick66  

Section 7

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  8 United States J Blake6863 
Q Australia C Guccione78684    France F Serra71026 
  France F Serra667106     France F Serra643  
  Chile N Massú33    Q Spain F López776  
Q Spain F López66   Q Spain F López777 
  25 Russia M Safin562  
   Q Spain F López03 
   10 Serbia N Djokovic66 
  22 Slovakia D Hrbatý32  
  Austria S Koubek40     France M Llodra66  
  France M Llodra66      France M Llodra41 
  Belarus M Mirnyi624    10 Serbia N Djokovic66  
  Italy D Bracciali776     Italy D Bracciali644 
  10 Serbia N Djokovic776  

Section 8

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  16 Russia M Youzhny366 
  Czech Republic J Hájek565  Q Russia T Gabashvili633 
Q Russia T Gabashvili747   16 Russia M Youzhny624  
  Argentina J M del Potro76      Argentina J M del Potro776  
  Sweden J Björkman51     Argentina J M del Potro656
  17 Cyprus M Baghdatis270 
     Argentina J M del Potro04 
   2 Spain R Nadal66 
  30 Belgium O Rochus66  
Q Croatia I Karlović47765    Spain G García-López34  
  Spain G García-López66477   30 Belgium O Rochus   
  Czech Republic J Hernych163    2 Spain R Nadalw/o   
Q Brazil R Mello677   Q Brazil R Mello672 
  2 Spain R Nadal796