Andy Roddick was the defending champion, but lost in the semifinals this year.

Andre Agassi won the title, defeating Lleyton Hewitt 6–3, 3–6, 6–2 in the final.





  Spain Tommy Robredo32  
10 Australia Lleyton Hewitt66  
 10 Australia Lleyton Hewitt362
 11 United States Andre Agassi636
11 United States Andre Agassi76277
2 United States Andy Roddick57762 

Top Half

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
1Switzerland R Federer6674
 Slovakia D Hrbatý1796 Slovakia D Hrbatý7833
 Sweden J Björkman266 Sweden J Björkman6666
 Georgia (country) I Labadze621 Sweden J Björkman03 
 United States R Ginepri366  France F Santoro66 
 France F Santoro678  France F Santoro76 
 Russia M Youzhny636 Russia M Youzhny53 
13Chile N Massú363 France F Santoro23 
9Argentina G Gaudio66  Spain T Robredo66 
WCUnited States J-M Gambill42 9Argentina G Gaudio6634
 Sweden T Enqvist632QUnited Kingdom G Rusedski4776
QUnited Kingdom G Rusedski366QUnited Kingdom G Rusedski6462 
 United States T Dent643  Spain T Robredo7777 
 Spain T Robredo776  Spain T Robredo7746
 France A Clément44 7Spain J C Ferrero6564
7Spain J C Ferrero66 

Section 2

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
LLAustralia T Reid44 
 Spain F López66  Spain F López694 
QSouth Africa W Moodie776769QCroatia I Karlović7116 
QCroatia I Karlović6279711QCroatia I Karlović64774
 Austria J Melzer632 14Russia M Safin77636
WCUnited States J Morrison776 WCUnited States J Morrison44 
 Czech Republic J Novák30 14Russia M Safin66 
14Russia M Safin66 14Russia M Safin44 
10Australia L Hewitt66 10Australia L Hewitt66 
WCUnited States A Bogomolov Jr.24 10Australia L Hewitt66 
 Chinese Taipei Y-H Lu463 Brazil G Kuerten34 
 Brazil G Kuerten63610Australia L Hewitt66 
 Morocco H Arazi63755United Kingdom T Henman14 
 United States V Spadea7753r Morocco H Arazi635
 Morocco Y El Aynaoui10 5United Kingdom T Henman467
5United Kingdom T Henman66 

Bottom Half

Section 3

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
17Argentina J I Chela6477
 Spain R Nadal466317Argentina J I Chela266
 Chile F González66  Chile F González632
QRussia D Tursunov44 17Argentina J I Chela33 
SESweden T Johansson7777 11United States A Agassi66 
LLFrance G Carraz6363 SESweden T Johansson161
 United States M Fish663111United States A Agassi636
11United States A Agassi477611United States A Agassi7146 
16Romania A Pavel653 4Spain C Moyà6123 
LLAustralia W Arthurs776 LLAustralia W Arthurs678 
 France M Llodra461  Argentina M Zabaleta266 
 Argentina M Zabaleta677 LLAustralia W Arthurs65665
 Belgium X Malisse665654Spain C Moyà77477
 Croatia I Ljubičić47777 Croatia I Ljubičić464
QUnited Kingdom A Parmar6524Spain C Moyà646
4Spain C Moyà376

Section 4

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
8Germany R Schüttler364
WCGermany T Haas616WCGermany T Haas66 
 Armenia S Sargsian267 Armenia S Sargsian33 
QSwitzerland M Kratochvil625WCGermany T Haas656
 Peru L Horna7777  Sweden R Söderling374
 Spain F Verdasco6463  Peru L Horna23 
 Sweden R Söderling366 Sweden R Söderling66 
12France S Grosjean634WCGermany T Haas33 
15Thailand P Srichaphan6562United States A Roddick66 
 Spain D Ferrer37315Thailand P Srichaphan66 
QBelgium D Norman43  Netherlands S Schalken34 
 Netherlands S Schalken66 15Thailand P Srichaphan23 
 Sweden J Johansson362 2United States A Roddick66 
 Germany N Kiefer677  Germany N Kiefer22 
 Belarus M Mirnyi776532United States A Roddick66 
2United States A Roddick65776