Andre Agassi was the three times defending champion but lost in the fourth round to Agustín Calleri.

Andy Roddick won the final 6–7(2–7), 6–3, 6–1 after Guillermo Coria was forced to retire.

The third round match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer marks the first time they faced each other.


All thirty-two seeds received a bye to the second round.




 21 Chile Fernando González6566 
  Romania Andrei Pavel7734 
 21 Chile Fernando González6661 
 3 Argentina Guillermo Coria4786 
3 Argentina Guillermo Coria66 
   Germany Nicolas Kiefer33  
  3 Argentina Guillermo Coria7731r 
 2 United States Andy Roddick6266  
   United States Vince Spadea76  
20 Argentina Agustín Calleri51  
  United States Vince Spadea13 
 2 United States Andy Roddick66  
5 Spain Carlos Moyá725
 2 United States Andy Roddick567 

Top Half

Section 1

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  1 Switzerland R Federer637 
  Russia N Davydenko626    Russia N Davydenko265 
  Sweden T Johansson263   1 Switzerland R Federer33  
  France N Escudé4767   32 Spain R Nadal66  
WC Croatia G Ivanišević6579  WC Croatia G Ivanišević4r 
  32 Spain R Nadal6   
   32 Spain R Nadal6162
   21 Chile F González7746
  21 Chile F González779  
WC United States A Bogomolov, Jr.6634    Slovakia K Kučera567  
  Slovakia K Kučera0776   21 Chile F González66 
  Spain A Martín6630   14 Czech Republic J Novák42  
Q Austria S Koubek2776  Q Austria S Koubek40 
  14 Czech Republic J Novák66  

Section 2

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  10 Chile N Massú631  
Q Russia D Tursunov264     Romania A Pavel776  
  Romania A Pavel677      Romania A Pavel67  
  Sweden R Söderling776    17 Australia L Hewitt45  
  Spain D Ferrer654     Sweden R Söderling42 
  17 Australia L Hewitt66  
     Romania A Pavel7777 
     United States T Martin6561 
  29 Finland J Nieminen375 
Q Switzerland I Heuberger642    United States T Martin657 
  United States T Martin366     United States T Martin776 
  Austria J Melzer66      Austria J Melzer643  
  Croatia I Karlović44     Austria J Melzer77277
  7 United Kingdom T Henman63664 

Section 3

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  3 Argentina G Coria776  
  Netherlands R Sluiter31     South Africa W Ferreira620  
  South Africa W Ferreira66    3 Argentina G Coria636 
WC United States B Baker43    25 Argentina J I Chela263 
  France C Saulnier66     France C Saulnier645
  25 Argentina J I Chela267 
   3 Argentina G Coria7727
   Q France J Benneteau6365
  24 France A Clément632 
  Italy D Sanguinetti13     Croatia I Ljubičić366 
  Croatia I Ljubičić66      Croatia I Ljubičić631 
Q United States J Morrison365   Q France J Benneteau776  
Q France J Benneteau627  Q France J Benneteau66 
  16 United States M Fish44  

Section 4

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  12 France S Grosjean66  
  Sweden T Enqvist564    Ecuador N Lapentti34  
  Ecuador N Lapentti726   12 France S Grosjean6477 
  Morocco H Arazi54      France T Ascione3661 
  France T Ascione76     France T Ascione776 
  23 Spain F López644  
   12 France S Grosjean42 
     Germany N Kiefer66 
  30 Argentina G Gaudio652  
  Spain R Ramírez Hidalgo22     United States R Ginepri776  
  United States R Ginepri66      United States R Ginepri6364
  Germany N Kiefer66      Germany N Kiefer7736 
  Russia I Andreev34     Germany N Kiefer6477
  6 Germany R Schüttler4663 

Bottom Half

Section 5

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  LL Spain F Verdasco6663  
  Armenia S Sargsian34     Czech Republic R Štěpánek7877  
  Czech Republic R Štěpánek66      Czech Republic R Štěpánek3663 
  United States J Blake714641     United States V Spadea6277 
  United States V Spadea612776    United States V Spadea79646
  31 Russia M Safin67774 
     United States V Spadea566
   9 Thailand P Srichaphan732
  18 Brazil G Kuerten165 
Q Argentina J Mónaco786   Q Argentina J Mónaco637 
  Sweden J Johansson662    Q Argentina J Mónaco644
Q Brazil R Mello7778    9 Thailand P Srichaphan166 
Q United States J Salzenstein6366   Q Brazil R Mello163
  9 Thailand P Srichaphan616 

Section 6

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  15 Netherlands M Verkerk645 
  Brazil F Saretta44   WC Australia T Reid467 
WC Australia T Reid66    WC Australia T Reid463  
  United States J-M Gambill54    20 Argentina A Calleri677  
  Germany L Burgsmüller76     Germany L Burgsmüller35 
  20 Argentina A Calleri67  
   20 Argentina A Calleri677 
   4 United States A Agassi262 
  28 Belarus M Mirnyi677  
Q Argentina F Squillari266  Q Argentina F Squillari463  
  South Korea H-T Lee623   28 Belarus M Mirnyi22 
  France G Carraz45    4 United States A Agassi66  
  Argentina M Zabaleta67     Argentina M Zabaleta061 
  4 United States A Agassi677  

Section 7

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  5 Spain C Moyá466 
  Spain D Sánchez66     Spain D Sánchez644 
  Peru L Horna44    5 Spain C Moyá716 
Q Luxembourg G Müller45    27 Slovakia D Hrbatý563 
  Czech Republic B Ulihrach67     Czech Republic B Ulihrach363
  27 Slovakia D Hrbatý636 
   5 Spain C Moyá66 
   19 Spain T Robredo33 
  19 Spain T Robredo4677 
Q Denmark K Carlsen51     Belgium O Rochus6163 
  Belgium O Rochus76    19 Spain T Robredo3677
  France F Santoro55    Q Czech Republic J Hernych6364 
Q Czech Republic J Hernych77   Q Czech Republic J Hernych66 
  11 Australia M Philippoussis42  

Section 8

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
  13 Netherlands S Schalken10d 
  Argentina G Cañas678     Argentina G Cañas63  
WC Germany T Haas166      Argentina G Cañas626 
  Georgia (country) I Labadze20      Belgium X Malisse463 
  Belgium X Malisse66     Belgium X Malisse66 
  22 Spain A Costa42  
     Argentina G Cañas33 
   2 United States A Roddick66 
  26 Sweden J Björkman776  
  United States T Dent66     United States T Dent642  
  Russia M Youzhny33    26 Sweden J Björkman463
  Romania V Hănescu13    2 United States A Roddick636 
  Slovakia K Beck66     Slovakia K Beck24 
  2 United States A Roddick66