Pete Sampras was the defending champion, but he retired earlier in the year.

Andy Roddick claimed his first and only Grand Slam title, defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero, 6–3, 7–6(7–2), 6–3, in the final. Roddick is the most recent American male singles player to win the US Open singles title as well as any other Grand Slam title.

This was the first US Open where Rafael Nadal appeared in the main draw.


  1. United States Andre Agassi (Semifinals)
  2. Switzerland Roger Federer (Fourth round)
  3. Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero (Final)
  4. United States Andy Roddick (Champion)
  5. Argentina Guillermo Coria (Quarterfinals)
  6. Australia Lleyton Hewitt (Quarterfinals)
  7. Spain Carlos Moyà (Fourth round)
  8. Germany Rainer Schüttler (Fourth round)
  9. France Sébastien Grosjean (First round)
  10. Czech Republic Jiří Novák (Third round)
  11. Thailand Paradorn Srichaphan (Fourth round)
  12. Netherlands Sjeng Schalken (Quarterfinals)
  13. Argentina David Nalbandian (Semifinals)
  14. Brazil Gustavo Kuerten (First round)
  15. Chile Fernando González (Third round)
  16. Netherlands Martin Verkerk (Second round)
  17. Spain Tommy Robredo (First round)
  18. Belarus Max Mirnyi (First round)
  19. Argentina Agustín Calleri (Second round)
  20. Australia Mark Philippoussis (Third round)
  21. Spain Félix Mantilla (First round)
  22. Morocco Younes El Aynaoui (Quarterfinals)
  23. South Africa Wayne Ferreira (Second round)
  24. United States Mardy Fish (Second round)
  25. Spain Albert Costa (Second round)
  26. Argentina Mariano Zabaleta (First round)
  27. Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Third round)
  28. Spain Feliciano López (First round)
  29. Argentina Gastón Gaudio (First round)
  30. France Arnaud Clément (Second round)
  31. United States Vincent Spadea (First round)
  32. Argentina Juan Ignacio Chela (Third round)





 1 United States Andre Agassi667   
5 Argentina Guillermo Coria435   
 1 United States Andre Agassi4364  
 3 Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero6636  
3 Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero46776 
 6 Australia Lleyton Hewitt63651  
  3 Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero3623  
 4 United States Andy Roddick6776  
 12 Netherlands Sjeng Schalken423   
4 United States Andy Roddick666   
4 United States Andy Roddick6437966
 13 Argentina David Nalbandian7766713 
22 Morocco Younes El Aynaoui62265 
 13 Argentina David Nalbandian77637  

Top half

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
1United States A Agassi666  
 Spain À Corretja122  1United States A Agassi7766  
 Sweden A Vinciguerra7762716 Sweden A Vinciguerra6114  
WCUnited States R Kendrick64775611United States A Agassi6776  
 Denmark K Carlsen6366 27Russia Y Kafelnikov3644  
WCUnited States J Morrison2634  Denmark K Carlsen6233 
 Belgium K Vliegen66122 27Russia Y Kafelnikov4666 
27Russia Y Kafelnikov37766 1United States A Agassi6567  
18Belarus M Mirnyi636266  United States T Dent7745r 
 Russia N Davydenko772678  Russia N Davydenko3467  
 United States T Dent77636  United States T Dent6679  
QSweden R Söderling61364  United States T Dent711633776
QItaly G Galimberti72264 15Chile F González69776644
 Austria S Koubek56677  Austria S Koubek6112  
WCUnited States M Chang3574 15Chile F González7766  
15Chile F González6756 

Section 2

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
9France S Grosjean4776674
QParaguay R Delgado6634796QParaguay R Delgado64463
Sweden J Björkman666Sweden J Björkman46636
Italy F Volandri140Sweden J Björkman646366
Slovakia K Kučera676Slovakia K Kučera467744
Germany A Popp253Slovakia K Kučera6796
QSweden J Johansson32424United States M Fish4674
24United States M Fish666Sweden J Björkman2362
30France A Clément6678665Argentina G Coria6646
United States B Vahaly78663430France A Clément662631
France G Carraz64656France G Carraz316776
United Kingdom G Rusedski46274France G Carraz515
Czech Republic B Ulihrach46665Argentina G Coria767
QGermany M Abel6431Czech Republic B Ulihrach214
Argentina M Puerta4315Argentina G Coria666
5Argentina G Coria666

Section 3

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
3Spain JC Ferrero6466
QCzech Republic J Vacek26323Spain JC Ferrero17766
Austria J Melzer6656Austria J Melzer66224
WCUnited States B Baker33733Spain JC Ferrero776
LLCzech Republic T Berdych566632Argentina JI Chela551
Germany T Behrend7323LLCzech Republic T Berdych6143
QCroatia R Karanušić462332Argentina JI Chela2666
32Argentina JI Chela67763Spain JC Ferrero66356
23South Africa W Ferreira666United States T Martin24673
Peru I Miranda43123South Africa W Ferreira24772
Spain D Ferrer233United States R Ginepri66606
United States R Ginepri666United States R Ginepri776444
WCUnited States R Yim1672United States T Martin627766
United States T Martin6796United States T Martin6665711
WCUnited States A Bogomolov Jr.6466690r16Netherlands M Verkerk347769
16Netherlands M Verkerk77437111

Section 4

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
11Thailand P Srichaphan26677
France C Saulnier6236411Thailand P Srichaphan666
United States J Gimelstob342Slovakia D Hrbatý443
Slovakia D Hrbatý66611Thailand P Srichaphan666
Spain R Ramírez Hidalgo60611LLSpain F Verdasco343
Italy D Sanguinetti46366Italy D Sanguinetti666563
LLSpain F Verdasco666LLSpain F Verdasco787746
17Spain T Robredo34211Thailand P Srichaphan6242
28Spain F López4446Australia L Hewitt4666
Czech Republic R Štěpánek666Czech Republic R Štěpánek66666
QFrance J Benneteau6522France F Santoro24783
France F Santoro0766Czech Republic R Štěpánek10r
South Korea H-T Lee66776Australia L Hewitt63
Belarus V Voltchkov3463South Korea H-T Lee7224
Romania V Hănescu3226Australia L Hewitt5666
6Australia L Hewitt666

Bottom half

Section 5

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
8Germany R Schüttler4666
Australia W Arthurs63248Germany R Schüttler6726
Germany N Kiefer65Germany N Kiefer1564
Argentina F Squillari30r8Germany R Schüttler666
France O Mutis031Spain A Martín142
Spain A Martín666Spain A Martín6636
Netherlands R Sluiter65636325Spain A Costa3362
25Spain A Costa7777268Germany R Schüttler1634
21Spain F Mantilla44412Netherlands S Schalken6466
QCroatia I Karlović666QCroatia I Karlović3777778
QUnited States J Salzenstein1643Morocco H Arazi6656466
Morocco H Arazi6776QCroatia I Karlović686563
Peru L Horna4665112Netherlands S Schalken7107777
Germany L Burgsmüller64376Germany L Burgsmüller66220
France J Boutter23212Netherlands S Schalken42666
12Netherlands S Schalken666

Section 6

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
14Brazil G Kuerten722661
QRussia D Tursunov566477QRussia D Tursunov63656
Belgium C Rochus022Netherlands J van Lottum46372
Netherlands J van Lottum666QRussia D Tursunov5468
Belgium X Malisse666Belgium X Malisse76710
Belgium O Rochus342Belgium X Malisse663636
Austria W Eschauer64626419Argentina A Calleri277363
19Argentina A Calleri777716Belgium X Malisse3465
31United States V Spadea317684United States A Roddick6677
Brazil F Saretta665710Brazil F Saretta666
Slovakia K Beck63564Ecuador N Lapentti240
Ecuador N Lapentti46736Brazil F Saretta133
Croatia I Ljubičić6674United States A Roddick666
France P-H Mathieu425Croatia I Ljubičić377368
United Kingdom T Henman36234United States A Roddick6646710
4United States A Roddick6776

Section 7

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
7Spain C Moyà46778
Australia S Draper645667Spain C Moyà6786
QSouth Africa W Moodie7766QSouth Africa W Moodie2663
Spain Á Montañés63227Spain C Moyà7636
QSweden T Enqvist666Chile N Massú5463
Spain A Portas231QSweden T Enqvist325
Chile N Massú666Chile N Massú667
29Argentina G Gaudio3327Spain C Moyà646764
22Morocco Y El Aynaoui777622Morocco Y El Aynaoui777946
WCUnited States A Kim565322Morocco Y El Aynaoui78678
Spain R Nadal666Spain R Nadal66366
Spain F Vicente43322Morocco Y El Aynaoui7753677
Spain D Sánchez632210Czech Republic J Novák6176365
United States J-M Gambill7766United States J-M Gambill444
Croatia M Ančić6372210Czech Republic J Novák666
10Czech Republic J Novák36566

Section 8

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
13Argentina D Nalbandian6776
QGermany P Kohlschreiber464313Argentina D Nalbandian566477
Finland J Nieminen667Finland J Nieminen731663
QFrance N Mahut24513Argentina D Nalbandian761066
Russia M Youzhny7463520Australia M Philippoussis571232
France A Dupuis56367France A Dupuis234
QSerbia and Montenegro J Tipsarević264420Australia M Philippoussis666
20Australia M Philippoussis677613Argentina D Nalbandian37766
26Argentina M Zabaleta64322Switzerland R Federer66143
United States J Blake7766United States J Blake66478
WCUnited States A Delic637725Armenia S Sargsian34666
Armenia S Sargsian466367United States J Blake3643
France J-R Lisnard66640772Switzerland R Federer6776
Sweden M Norman2277664France J-R Lisnard120
Argentina J Acasuso7330r2Switzerland R Federer666
2Switzerland R Federer5662