Marat Safin was the defending champion, but lost in the semifinals to Pete Sampras. Lleyton Hewitt defeated Pete Sampras 7–6(7–4), 6–1, 6–1 in the final to win the Men's Singles title at the 2001 US Open.

Former champion Pat Rafter made his final grand slam singles appearance, losing in the fourth round to Sampras.


The seeded players are listed below. Lleyton Hewitt is the champion; others show the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. Brazil Gustavo Kuerten (Quarterfinals)
  2. United States Andre Agassi (Quarterfinals)
  3. Russia Marat Safin (Semifinals)
  4. Australia Lleyton Hewitt (Champion)
  5. Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero (Third round)
  6. Australia Patrick Rafter (Fourth round)
  7. Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Semifinals)
  8. France Sébastien Grosjean (First round)
  9. United Kingdom Tim Henman (Third round)
  10. United States Pete Sampras (Finalist)
  11. Spain Àlex Corretja (Third round)
  12. France Arnaud Clément (Fourth round)
  13. Switzerland Roger Federer (Fourth round)
  14. Sweden Thomas Johansson (Fourth round)
  15. Croatia Goran Ivanišević (Third round)
  16. Germany Tommy Haas (Fourth round)
  17. Spain Carlos Moyà (Third round)
  18. United States Andy Roddick (Quarterfinals)
  19. Sweden Thomas Enqvist (First round)
  20. United States Jan-Michael Gambill (Second round)
  21. France Fabrice Santoro (Second round)
  22. Romania Andrei Pavel (Second round)
  23. Slovakia Dominik Hrbatý (Second round)
  24. Netherlands Sjeng Schalken (Third round)
  25. Spain Albert Portas (Third round)
  26. Ecuador Nicolás Lapentti (Third round)
  27. Argentina Guillermo Cañas (Second round)
  28. Morocco Hicham Arazi (Third round)
  29. Germany Nicolas Kiefer (First round)
  30. United Kingdom Greg Rusedski (Third round)
  31. France Nicolas Escudé (Second round)
  32. United States Todd Martin (Second round)





 1 Brazil Gustavo Kuerten403   
7 Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov666   
 7 Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov121   
 4 Australia Lleyton Hewitt666   
4 Australia Lleyton Hewitt656636
 18 United States Andy Roddick773464 
  4 Australia Lleyton Hewitt7766  
 10 United States Pete Sampras6411  
  Argentina Mariano Zabaleta442   
3 Russia Marat Safin666   
3 Russia Marat Safin3653  
 10 United States Pete Sampras6776   
10 United States Pete Sampras67777777 
 2 United States Andre Agassi79626265  

Section 1

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
1Brazil G Kuerten6637
Czech Republic D Vacek44651Brazil G Kuerten666
Spain A Martín6325Denmark K Pless344
Denmark K Pless36671Brazil G Kuerten65577776
Belarus M Mirnyi78677Belarus M Mirnyi77764632
Argentina G Gaudio66364Belarus M Mirnyi6376
Australia W Arthurs1379227Argentina G Cañas3653
27Argentina G Cañas666761Brazil G Kuerten6679
23Slovakia D Hrbatý6266Spain A Costa4467
Spain Á Calatrava262323Slovakia D Hrbatý4465
WCUnited States L Harper-Griffith333Spain A Costa6677
Spain A Costa666Spain A Costa67777
QUnited States J Gimelstob6644615Croatia G Ivanišević46462
Czech Republic M Tabara43662QUnited States J Gimelstob333
WCUnited States H Armando44315Croatia G Ivanišević666
15Croatia G Ivanišević666

Section 2

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
12France A Clément6466
Spain G Blanco263412France A Clément646776
Czech Republic J Vaněk65604Netherlands J Siemerink774611
Netherlands J Siemerink7746612France A Clément63666
Sweden A Vinciguerra6836617Spain C Moyà77440
Spain F Vicente710678Spain F Vicente6513
WCUnited States M Fish363317Spain C Moyà3766
17Spain C Moyà677612France A Clément343
31France N Escudé6667Russia Y Kafelnikov666
South Korea Lee H-t21231France N Escudé63635
WCUnited States A Bogomolov Jr.1644QArgentina D Nalbandian46467
QArgentina D Nalbandian6366QArgentina D Nalbandian6422
Germany D Prinosil4247Russia Y Kafelnikov3666
QSwitzerland G Bastl666QSwitzerland G Bastl67143
Switzerland M Kratochvil617447Russia Y Kafelnikov25666
7Russia Y Kafelnikov16566

Section 3

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
4Australia L Hewitt667
Sweden M Gustafsson3254Australia L Hewitt63266
Spain D Sánchez342WCUnited States J Blake46630
WCUnited States J Blake6664Australia L Hewitt666
Russia A Stoliarov677725Spain A Portas134
Switzerland M Rosset2655Russia A Stoliarov2663
QItaly C Caratti146425Spain A Portas6786
25Spain A Portas66774Australia L Hewitt37766
19Sweden T Enqvist363416Germany T Haas66242
QGermany B Phau6466QGermany B Phau112
Czech Republic J Novák666Czech Republic J Novák666
QSwitzerland I Heuberger234Czech Republic J Novák342
Spain FM Mantilla66616Germany T Haas666
Argentina J Acasuso334Spain FM Mantilla10773
QNetherlands J van Lottum226516Germany T Haas66656
16Germany T Haas6677

Section 4

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
11Spain À Corretja776466
Netherlands R Sluiter64774211Spain À Corretja7777
France J Golmard7366France J Golmard5645
QFrance C Saulnier563411Spain À Corretja422
Italy G Pozzi34666618United States A Roddick666
QUnited States J Brasington662378QUnited States J Brasington21764
Czech Republic S Doseděl41218United States A Roddick66577
18United States A Roddick66618United States A Roddick666
32United States T Martin667Spain T Robredo224
United States M Russell44532United States T Martin3563
Spain T Robredo776710Spain T Robredo6736
Belgium O Rochus64268Spain T Robredo7746477
South Africa W Ferreira6365645Spain JC Ferrero6564661
Belarus V Voltchkov467716Belarus V Voltchkov6214
France A Di Pasquale6366205Spain JC Ferrero7766
5Spain JC Ferrero162776

Section 5

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
8France S Grosjean434
Argentina M Zabaleta666Argentina M Zabaleta666
Morocco K Alami344WCUnited States T Dent334
WCUnited States T Dent666Argentina M Zabaleta656777
Sweden J Björkman776630United Kingdom G Rusedski774562
Spain J Balcells6322Sweden J Björkman5571066
Morocco Y El Aynaoui7754330United Kingdom G Rusedski776878
30United Kingdom G Rusedski64766Argentina M Zabaleta6777
21France F Santoro766678Belgium X Malisse4645
Sweden M Larsson54786621France F Santoro0632
Denmark K Carlsen1661rBelgium X Malisse6366
Belgium X Malisse6432Belgium X Malisse666746
Brazil F Meligeni26669United Kingdom T Henman783564
Russia N Davydenko6234Brazil F Meligeni3464
QCzech Republic J Vacek3277639United Kingdom T Henman6636
9United Kingdom T Henman666536

Section 6

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
14Sweden T Johansson666
Spain G Puentes12214Sweden T Johansson4666
Brazil A Simoni46364Italy A Gaudenzi6233
Italy A Gaudenzi6777714Sweden T Johansson6266
Austria M Hipfl6520Chile M Ríos4632
Chile M Ríos3766Chile M Ríos766
QPhilippines E Taino472222Romania A Pavel540
22Romania A Pavel656614Sweden T Johansson26463
28Morocco H Arazi664563Russia M Safin62677
Argentina A Calleri3367328Morocco H Arazi6777
United States C Woodruff6636United States C Woodruff4615
France A Dupuis136128Morocco H Arazi5465
Croatia I Ljubičić79663Russia M Safin7677
Czech Republic M Damm6734Croatia I Ljubičić65776565
QFrance S de Chaunac4223Russia M Safin77627777
3Russia M Safin666

Section 7

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
6Australia P Rafter7767
WCUnited States B Bryan63356Australia P Rafter766
Belgium C Rochus3666Belgium C Rochus521
Spain S Bruguera64346Australia P Rafter7766
QThailand P Srichaphan44126Ecuador N Lapentti6322
Italy D Sanguinetti666Italy D Sanguinetti453
United States M Chang24426Ecuador N Lapentti676
26Ecuador N Lapentti6666Australia P Rafter32774
20United States J-M Gambill66610United States P Sampras66656
France C Pioline22420United States J-M Gambill41r
Russia M Youzhny65666Russia M Youzhny64
Czech Republic B Ulihrach77233Russia M Youzhny322
Netherlands E Kempes262510United States P Sampras666
QBrazil A Sá6467QBrazil A Sá6443
France J Boutter4646610United States P Sampras7766
10United States P Sampras67778

Section 8

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
13Switzerland R Federer666
Germany L Burgsmüller44413Switzerland R Federer676
Israel H Levy354WCUnited States R Ginepri251
WCUnited States R Ginepri67613Switzerland R Federer6777
Austria S Koubek6363324Netherlands S Schalken4563
Australia A Ilie26166Australia A Ilie2630
United Kingdom M Lee6446324Netherlands S Schalken6366
24Netherlands S Schalken3663613Switzerland R Federer124
29Germany N Kiefer740r2United States A Agassi666
Germany R Schüttler561Germany R Schüttler4776762
QParaguay R Delgado4666QParaguay R Delgado6657926
Spain J Díaz6343QParaguay R Delgado5653
Chile N Massú7156772United States A Agassi7776
Spain F Clavet613350Chile N Massú774261
QUnited States M Bryan4102United States A Agassi646677
2United States A Agassi666